Who should buy the Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG

The Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG is a good alternative to the Speedflow+, especially for those who aren't sold out on the latter's laceless construction. These two are pretty close in terms of feel and performance.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG laceless

Who should NOT buy the X Speedflow.1 FG from Adidas

No matter how good the shoe is, it's still not for everyone. The X Speedflow.1 isn't for those who:

  • Prefer cheaper options

Truth be told, the Speedflow.1 is not a budget model. It's good. It's well made. It simply comes with a price.

  • Are not comfortable with speed cleat constructions

Given that it's light, minimal, and pretty streamlined, this soccer cleat is made for quickness. Players who are for control, for example, may want to get a model from the Adidas Predator line.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG NOT buy

Zero-distraction fit, natural feel

The shoe's fit feels like it's custom-made for the wearer's feet because of the form-hugging lightweight mesh that makes up the upper.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG barefoot fit

Because the upper is very close to the skin and is quite minimal, the shoe gives a more barefoot feel.

Wraparound comfort

This light soccer cleat has padding underneath the upper to provide plush wraparound cushioning. This is still quite comfortable even with the downgrade in materials compared to the X Speedflow+.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG Comfort

Springy response

The carbon fiber Speedframe provides the needed springiness and energy return to drive the wearer forward with much efficiency and ease.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG wraparound

Dependable support for fast and quick movements

The whole soccer cleat is designed to provide a kind of lockdown that does not falter even during the most aggressive and swift movements.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 FG support

Fast players don't have problems with the shoe's weight because it's so light and does not interfere with movement at all.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 205g
Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas X, Adidas X Speedflow
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Release date: Jul 2021

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