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The women’s and men’s Adidas Originals X_PLR casual shoes are an equally stylish but cheaper alternative to the NMD. The Adidas X_PLR on feet compliments the lifestyles of both genders on the go. 

Its slip-on design makes it such a comfortable shoe to use, and its one-piece mesh upper is said to hug the foot like a sock. For minor adjustments, the shoe has a speed lacing system that features a rubber stopper and a back pull tab for quick on and off. 

Adidas X_PLR Style

It does not take much effort to recognize that the Adidas X_PLR does resemble the NMD. Without closely examining the details, one will probably even think that they are just the same!

Like the NMD, the X_PLR also looks great when paired with activewear. With its neat silhouette, it also won’t be wrong to match it with casual clothing. Indeed, this shoe is for those who want to experiment with their looks without taking so much time.

Here are some styling suggestions for the urban sneakerheads wanting to rock their Adidas X_PLR shoes confidently:

  Styling for men

The fashionable men’s Adidas X_PLR sneaker is effortless to style as its modern silhouette goes well with any street-style or casual wear for men. Men are advised to wear casual or street-style clothing to match their X_PLR kicks.  

Wear the Adidas Originals shoes with jeans, joggers, track pants, and shorts without any hesitation and doubts that the wearer will look awkward and out of place. Another option is to pair these low-top running sneakers with skinny jeans or ankle-length or cropped pants with a relaxed-fit tee, tank, or hoodie for that street-style swag.

If you are planning to wear the shoe for daytime activities, it is advised to choose colorways like the Adidas X_PLR in black and Adidas X_PLR in black and white colorways to match with night-time activities like bar hopping or clubbing easily. For daytime activities, it is suggested to choose the Adidas X_PLR in white and Adidas X_PLR in green as it matches any light colored clothing for a day of exploring or walking around the urban jungle.

  Styling for women

Styling the Adidas X_PLR women’s sneaker is not a difficult task as the silhouette fits any casual or street-style clothes of most women. The slim features of the shoe’s profile are also the best fit for athleisure styling where women would usually pair these shoes with yoga pants, leggings, and joggers for that straight out of the gym look.

Wear these stylish Adidas Originals sneakers with t-shirts, tanks, blouses, and hoodies for that casual swagger that does not overwhelm wearers with too much flashy footwear.  For daytime activities, Adidas X_PLR in white is the best option for women. The white Adidas X_PLR sneakers are also best for some travel and daily runs to the mall or grocery store because of its lightweight design and breathable upper material.

Notable Features

Stripped of the technologies that make the NMD an excellent performance shoe, the striking appearance and similarities that it has with the NMD is arguably the Adidas X_PLR’s most important feature. After all the mesh upper’s breathability and the EVA midsole cushioning delivers what most buyers of the Adidas X_PLR shoes wanted regarding comfort. Straightforwardly, it is for those who want the looks but not necessarily the excellent performance of the NMD. After all, it’s never wise to pay for technologies that will be of little use anyway.

Adidas X_PLR History

German brand Adidas has been at the forefront of the footwear industry since it was established on August 18, 1949. Company founder Adolf “Adi” Dassler pioneered shoemaking after coining the name of the company from a fusion of his name in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach.

Adi Dassler, after going separate ways with his brother from the company they founded in the 1920s which they called the Gebruder Dassler Schufabrik, decided to manufacture shoes on his own. He also capitalized on manufacturing shoes primarily for athletes like the German soccer team.

More than 60 years later, Adidas has already captured a sizeable chunk of the world sneaker market as the second largest shoe manufacturer and retailer in the world. Through the years, the company has produced several shoes that became the bestselling designs of all time like the Adidas Stan Smith and the Adidas Superstar.

Aside from producing shoes for soccer, basketball, and tennis, the German brand has also led the world of running shoe manufacturing with the release of its iconic running silhouettes like the shoes featured in the ZX line, the Adidas Micropacer, and the Adidas Marathon.

Soon, the company also led the world of running shoe cushioning technology with the introduction of the Boost cushioning technology. Some of the Boost-cushioned running shoes released by the brand include the bestselling Ultra Boost, Pure Boost, Energy Boost, Response Boost, and Solar Boost.

In the mid-2000s the company also ventured into the retail of lifestyle running sneakers which have been booming in sales in the past years. One such shoe is the NMD silhouette which helped boost the company’s popularity in the lifestyle sneaker market.

Soon other popular running shoe designs were released and re-released by Adidas that include the Alphabounce, Questar, Climacool, Falcon, and Supernova, but nothing would underestimate the popularity of the NMD especially among the younger footwear market.

  NMD running shoe alternative

The story of the Adidas X_PLR shoe starts with the Adidas NMD. The NMD was introduced to the market in December 2015. It had Primeknit on the upper. On the midsole, it uses the Energy Boost, which many argue is one of the most responsive cushioning systems available in the market to date.

When asked to comment on the company’s new creation, Adidas Vice-President for Global Design Nic Galway says that the NMD is a graceful attempt at integrating the triumphs of yesterday, the delicate idiosyncrasies of today, and the positive outlook with which he and his team view tomorrow. As such, this new silhouette takes design cues from several Adidas classics such as the Rising Star, Micropacer, and the Boston Super.

But the NMD did not at all resemble any of those models. It only carried over their most salient essences and the combination of which brought forth an entirely new look that some would even describe as futuristic. The company made the new model even more relevant by incorporating Adidas’s most effective technologies thus far into its construction.

The name NMD is a codified reference to the nomad, which primarily is the intended master of this shoe according to Galway. The running shoe is for one who never stays in a place for long. It is also for one who explores endlessly, therefore in need of a reliable partner that effectively supports their every stride.

The NMD, even if it was pricier than many shoes, still enjoyed a mostly successful run through the market. Banking on NMD’s momentum, Adidas decided in December 2016, or exactly a year since the NMD’s release, to drop a version of the NMD that is for those who are on a budget. The Adidas X_PLR was born.

  Adidas X_PLR features

Although the shoe is not as pricey because it does not have many of Adidas’ patented and top of the line technologies, it does have the Adidas X_PLR has its value. It has already carved a niche of its own, as evidenced by its overwhelming popularity, particularly among those who are looking for a top-rated shoe that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Among the features that have endeared the Adidas X_PLR to the public is its lightweight construction especially its EVA midsole cushioning. While it is less superior to Boost, it does its best in delivering lightweight cushioning and comfort to be an all-day sneaker.

With the recognizable 3-stripes design and a synthetic leather heel patch, the lifestyle sneaker would deliver running-inspired style for the younger shoe lovers. The compression-molded EVA midsole is also complimented by the Ortholite sockliner that improves and secures the fit of the shoe aside from delivering lasting comfort.

Another factor that has convinced some of its fans to ditch the NMD and choose a more reasonably priced sneaker is the breathability of the mesh upper that has perforations in some parts to ensure that the feet are well-ventilated inside the shoe. As an urban lifestyle sneaker, the shoe also has pull tabs at the heel and a speed lacing system to allow its wearers to put it on and remove them in the quickest way possible while also ensuring lockdown when the laces are tightened.

Nice to know

  • To ensure comfort, the inside of the Adidas X_PLR casual shoe is lined with breathable textile.
  • The shoe makes use of a molded EVA midsole to provide a cushioning that is both supportive and light.
  • The outsole of the Adidas X_PLR is made of a type of rubber that grips on almost any surface so well.
  • The shoe has a heel pull that makes it a lot easier for wearers to slip in and out of it.
  • Although made for casual wear, these kicks are sometimes called the Adidas X_PLR running shoe or Adidas X_PLR athletic shoe by retailers.


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