Who should buy the Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground

The Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground is a lightweight and responsive cleat highly recommended for:

  • speedsters on the soccer pitch
  • players who love a thin and extremely barefoot boot sensation
  • both amateur and professional soccer players who want an explosive cleat to boost up their speed

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground adidas

Enhances the wearer’s agility

The Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground is a blur in the soccer arena! The ultimate speedboot, the Adidas X Ghosted+ lives up to its name.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Enhances the wearer’s agility

Packed with the Three Stripes’ latest innovations from the upper to the soleplate, the cleat is all for that agile play. 

X Ghosted+ Firm Ground brings a second-skin-like feel 

The X Ghosted+ comes with the cutting-edge speed elements that you can expect from this model.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground a second-skin-like feel 

Bringing a second-skin-like feel, a thin and semi-translucent upper Mirageskin hugs the foot while delivering a barefoot sensation for the player.

Lightweight and responsive soleplate

Players can takeoff almost instantly with the light Speedframe outsole.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Lightweight and responsive soleplate

The Carbitex carbon-fiber insert also brings an energy return.

Impressive vacuum fit 

It offers a vacuum fit in laceless construction.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Impressive vacuum fit 

As a laceless construction almost always brings a polarizing effect on players due to its fit, there’s been overwhelming praise for the Adidas Ghosted+ model’s vacuum fit. 

Secures the foot in place

Securing the foot in place, it gives the wearer a stable ride on the pitch.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Secures the foot in place

The thin Mirageskin upper of this Adidas cleat has “arguably the truest barefoot sensation” that you can get for a cleat right now, comments a reviewer.

Comes at a steep price tag 

However, the Adidas X Ghosted+ FG comes at a steep price tag.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Comes at a steep price tag 

Players who want this shoe have to reach into deep pockets to get one.

Minor heel slippage 

A professional reviewer commented on the now thicker and more pronounced heel pods. But he added that they do not catch his heel as well as the Adidas X19.1 did.

 Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground Minor heel slippage 

This means that that the thickness focuses more on the heel instead of locking it from above. This resulted in a minor heel slippage, he said.

Holds up well in a speedy play session 

Many soccer players who tested this Adidas X Ghosted model in practices like how light the shoe is.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground a speedy play session 

This soccer cleat holds up well in a speedy play session, says a wearer.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground is durable and responsive 

The Carbonfiber soleplate brings a lightweight, durable, and responsive experience for this firm ground model.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Firm Ground durable and responsive 

Another athlete appreciates the overall look of this release.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas Speedframe
Lacing System: Laceless
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: White / Green / Black / Blue / Silver
SKUs: EG8249 / FW6907 / FW6908 / FW6910 / FW6911 / FW8426

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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