Who should buy the Adidas World Cup

This classic Adidas cleat is a great match for you if:

  • You are after a football cleat that is stable on any type of pitch
  • You want a shoe that improves your ball touch during play
  • You prefer a boot that prioritizes comfort

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Who should not buy the Adidas World Cup

There are a few reasons why you'd want to look away: 

Superb comfort once broken-in

Footballers commented that they feel secure while wearing this pair, thanks to its well-padded, supple Kangaroo Leather. Despite the thickness of its tongue, many find it soft on the foot to the toes. 

Adidas World Cup  midsole

With its supple leather that stretches, many find this boot suiting their fit once broken in. People who bought this shoe also appreciate the perfect on-feet cushioning it provides from its Die-cut EVA foam on the insole.

Traction? The Adidas World Cup does not disappoint

Over at the base of the shoe, athletes appreciate the reliable traction of this pair alongside a lightweight performance. This makes sense given that this pair is equipped with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) plate. This sole unit features screw-in studs that give excellent grip on soft to very soft natural grounds. 

Adidas World Cup  toebox

Tricky fit, consider sizing up

Because it wears genuine leather, the Adidas World Cup fits rather snug around the foot. Players mentioned that a central lace-up closure allows adjusting the fit to their preferred tightness while the cushioning provided by the EVA foam ensures comfort.

Adidas World Cup  outsole

Many recommended that those who wish to have this pair should get a half size bigger than their usual size since the cleat runs a bit small.

A perfect combination of performance and style 

Taking design inspiration from the classic, athletes mentioned that the Adidas World Cup feels comfortable on their feet. Given that the pair is crafted with the finest materials to ensure it lives up to the prestige of its name, several commented it wears the best quality leather that is similar to the one used on the Adidas Mundial Goal and offers superior durability alongside a lightweight and glove-like fit.

Adidas World Cup  collar

The leather upper also ushers in a close feel of the ball, so players optimize control of the ball.

Take control of the ball with the Adidas World Cup

Aside from the durability and lightweight feel it offers, several footballers attest that this material also forms the contour of the foot for that glove-like fit. Moreover, many praised the soft leather as it facilitates a superb ball feel that allows players to manipulate the ball with ease.

Adidas World Cup  laces

The shock-absorbing polymer also reduces strain on the foot, and football players mentioned that they can endure long hours of dribbling, tackling, and running on the pitch. Moreover, a quick-drying synthetic lining gives added comfort to the feet.

Protecting your feet is a priority

Aside from its lightweight and thin synthetic, people who own this pair attest to how it provides a feeling of safety. Many find the pair's sturdiness helpful in dealing with the impact that happens while playing. However, a few have said that they had to return the cleat because it was not padded enough and they did not enjoy the 'rough' feel on the inside.

Hit-or-miss durability

While 90% of reviews prase this cleat, there are still some who had very serious issues with durability. Cleats detaching, upper falling apart, etc. Whether it's a faulty QA or how the cleat is used - not determined. 

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Soft Ground
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: Black
SKUs: CE8083

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