Notable elements of the Adidas Ultraboost Mid

- The Adidas Ultraboost is dressed up with a new look in the form of the Adidas Ultraboost Mid. While the base shoe is touted as the brand’s “best running shoe,” the Ultraboost Mid takes “best” up a notch, as it combines comfort, technology, and style together. This shoe presents a mid-height collar (hence its name) that offers a shield from water and debris.

- Most of the elements in the original Ultraboost shoe is present in this version. Standard Primeknit material makes up the upper for support and comfort. Meanwhile, the sole unit brings together the responsive cushioning of boost™ and the reliable traction of Stretchweb and Continental for a smooth ride and overall high-level performance.

Size and fit

The sizing scheme from the Adidas website indicates that the Adidas Ultraboost Mid has a smaller length compared to the standard running shoe; thus, buyers are recommended to go up half a size to achieve a comfortable fit. The shoe has a relatively small forefoot and heel, which provide a snug fit in these areas. The Ultraboost Mid is available exclusively for men in Medium width.


The tandem of Continental rubber and Stretchweb layout enable the outsole of the Ultraboost Mid to have a reliable grip, which translates to a seamless movement and speedy transitions. First, the Continental is made from a unique rubber compound that delivers the necessary grip in both wet and dry surfaces. Its qualities, including durability, can be compared to that of a vehicle tire.

Next, the Stretchweb design gives the outsole a grid-like tread pattern, similar to a web. This makes the Ultraboost Mid flexible, as foot movements become smoother. The Stretchweb layout works by lowering the impact of footstrike and providing the sensation of soft ground.


The ever-famous Boost™ material is still present in the Ultraboost Mid. This unique midsole technology is made up of thousands of blown capsules of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), resulting in a platform that provides a seamless and energized ride. Because the shoe belongs in the Ultraboost series, it means the Boost™ content in this midsole is higher, thus more responsive and more shock-absorbent than other Adidas running shoes with boost™.

In the midfoot area, the Torsion System is a bridge between the forefoot and heel, maintaining stability during the transition phase. It is made from thermoplastic to maintain the shoe’s overall lightweight construction. The Torsion System also combats improper flexing of the arch, thus promoting correct pronation.


The Primeknit upper is a digitally-made material that combines all elements in one piece. Using fused yarn, each part of the upper is fine-tuned to a precise level of flexibility and support. The digital knitting employed in the Primeknit allows the Ultraboost Mid to be lightweight, comfortable, and seamless around the foot.

Like all other Ultraboost running shoes, the Ultraboost Mid has a Fitcounter heel counter that serves as a support structure and keeps the foot in place while running.

Adidas Ultraboost Mid vs other variations

The Adidas Ultraboost Mid is a known variation of the well-known Ultraboost shoe. Aside from this shoe, the Ultraboost also comes in other special editions, some of which are the following:

- Adidas Ultraboost ST - The “ST” in this shoe’s name means stability and, as implied, is intended for overpronators. It has a higher stack height than the Ultraboost Mid, which aims to combat overpronation.

- Adidas Ultraboost 19 - The 2019 iteration of the Ultraboost finds itself with the latest technologies of Adidas, including the Primeknit 360, Torsion Spring, and 3D Heel Frame. The boost™ content of this shoe is also 20% more than the original Ultraboost and the Ultraboost Mid.

- Adidas Ultraboost Parley - In this shoe, the brand partners with environmental org Parley to create a Primeknit upper from Parley Ocean Plastic yarn, which is from repurposed plastic.

- Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged - This Ultraboost variation comes in a cage-free Primeknit upper, which means it does away with the usual skeletal framework to make the shoe more comfortable.

- Adidas Ultraboost Laceless - As the name implies, this Ultraboost variation is designed with a slip-on structure, eliminating the need for shoelaces.

Adidas Ultraboost vs Pureboost

The Ultraboost and Pureboost are two popular running shoe series of Adidas, but many consumers find themselves confused as to how one is different from the other; both models carry the same features and utilize the same technologies. Here are some key differences between the two running shoes:

- The Pureboost was the first release of the brand with the Boost™ midsole. It was created solely with the runner in mind, focusing on features that aim to improve the running experience.

- Meanwhile, the Ultraboost was designed with a more versatile approach. Aside from running, it was meant to be comfortable enough for casual wear, as it has more Boost™ content (ultra-level, as the name suggests).

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: 310g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Adidas Ultraboost
Forefoot height: 19mm
Heel height: 29mm

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