Profile of the Adidas Stycon

Who is it for? Adidas went unconventional when it came out with the Stycon, mid-top athletic footwear that’s suitable for all-level players. Its stability features will also work well for aggressive movers. 

What makes it different? It’s the first-ever, lace-free tennis shoe by Adidas. Despite its distinctive street-style look, this footgear locks the midfoot for lateral security using a web of technical detailing. 

How it works? 

  • Beneath its minimally-styled cover are elastic straps across the top and padded section behind the heel that together provides a snug fit. 
  • The foot is cradled by a dual-density midsole that features the responsive Bounce cushioning. 
  • It’s equipped too with an abrasion-resistant outsole for good grip and smooth slides. 


Rubber compound. Like most durable hard court tennis shoes by Adidas, the Stycon Laceless Hardcourt trainer is equipped with the Adiwear technology, a non-marking rubber material which is resistant to abrasion. This rubber compound is used to strengthen the ball of the foot and heel sections. 

Sidewall reinforcement. The distinctive solid walls of the footwear are also reinforced using Adiwear, while the toe is fortified with Adituff. These sturdy components aren’t only designed to prevent early signs of wear but to supply a high level of protection for the feet. 

Tread design. The herringbone grooves are crafted to give the wearer reliable traction on the hard court. The same pattern is used on the extended rubber sections on the sides of the shoe for stability during slides and sharp turns. 


Cushioning. The middle section of this mid-top court trainer is made of dual-density foam, a combination of the Three Stripe-patented Bounce cushioning technology and the standard EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) sponge. Together, these elements are intended to deliver a plush and responsive cushioning during landings and toe-offs. 

Responsiveness. Bounce is a middle-of-the-road type of cushioning developed by Adidas, which serves as an ideal alternative to the ultra-responsive Boost system. Its dense quality can be firm, but it grants optimum responsiveness and energized comfort to the wearer. 

Stability. Whether the user darts towards the net or attack at the baseline, the shoe is aptly structured to keep the foot supported. The sculpted sidewalls are meant to keep the foot steady during multidirectional runs and, at the same time, lock the heel for stability. 

Overall built. The midsole sits very low to the ground to give the user full control of their movement and flexibility when pivoting and sliding. The colored section of the sole is firmer, while the lighter region delivers a plush feel. 


Material benefits. The Adidas Stycon is wrapped in textile up to the ankle, giving a sock-like fit. Anti-abrasion mesh design on the medial side serves as an added layer of protection for the foot, especially during toe dragging. Such an outer feature also delivers a lockdown feel. The knitted collar is devised to organically stretch out to the shape of the foot.

Unique feature. No more frayed shoelaces with the Adidas Stycon. Internally it has elastic straps across the midfoot that securely lock the foot during movements. Though it comes with a laceless form, the Stycon has thick bands that offer the same feeling of having tightly cinched laces. By getting rid of the laces, Adidas creates a seamless connection between the shoe and the foot.

Stabilizer. This stability shoe is built with an inner sleeve that’s made of mesh at the forefoot and thick padding on the rear side. The padded area at the back of the shoe aids in locking the heel in. It has a mid-top collar that embraces the ankle for added support, much like other mid-high trainers like the Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 and Nike Court Flare. 

Added feature. Two loops on the ankle collar help ease the foot in.  

Fit. The stretchy bands across the bridge of the foot take on the job of the shoelaces. These straps serve as internal support system. It expands to the contour of the foot but locks it in during movements. The straps can feel tight in the beginning. The inner bootie sleeve also keeps the upper snug yet flexible. 

Nice to know

  • The Adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court comes with a shoehorn to make it easier to slide the foot in. 
  • Stycon is a portmanteau of stability, style, and icon. 
  • Stability is propelled by the footgear’s no-lace structure, which locks down the midfoot for maximum support and control when moving in different directions. 
  • Style is linked to the shoe’s distinctive and innovative aesthetic, which complements its high-performance value. 
  • This trainer is considered an icon since it’s one of the tennis shoes in the market that breaks tradition.
  • The Adidas Stycon was released on January 7, 2020.

Worn by

  • Popular grand slam superstars Stefanos Tsitsipas and Kristina Mladenovic are seen sporting the new-age athletic footwear at the 2020 Australian Open 
  • Tsitsipas had a series of shoe mishaps during his 2019 tournaments, mostly related to shoelace issues. He released a video on Twitter about his excitement for the lace-free Stycon shortly before the release of the new tennis shoe icon.


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