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Use - The Adidas Sprintstar 2 is engineered to yield a robust performance in short-distance races. These can range up to 400 meters. 

Spike Plate - For a good balance of stiffness and durability, a full-length Pebax® plate is equipped to the track spike. It houses the changeable pins of the sprint shoe for versatile traction. It also delivers shock-mitigating properties, protecting the foot from trauma.

Although the Sprintstar 2 has retained some of its predecessor’s components, it has been upgraded with a nylon-mesh shank. This delivers support and breathability to the wearer. 

The remainder of the sprint spike’s makeup copies the technical elements of the previous model. It still implements the same midsole material—EVA foam footbed. This heightens the protection and cushioning of the underfoot. 

Intended for pronounced comfort and lightness, the running spike still features a synthetic fiber mesh. It wraps around the foot snugly for security.

The Adidas Sprintstar 2 is listed in standard sizing scheme for both men and women. Users can opt to get a pair with their usual size preference. 

There are a few platform materials that are responsible for the fit of the Sprintstar 2. One of these is the synthetic fiber mesh upper that envelops the foot comfortably. The synthetic overlays embellished on the platform complement the upper material. These enhance the structural integrity of the sprint spike, locking the foot in place.

Running full-length on the outsole of the Adidas Sprintstar 2 is a Pebax® plate. It is made of thermoplastic elastomer that generates durability and exceptional surface grip. It exhibits rigid qualities, making it ideal for sprinting meets as it ups the propulsion of the runner. The same outsole composition is present in the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3.

The midsole compartment of the Sprintstar 2 hosts an EVA foam sockliner. This material solicits premium cushioning while maintaining sturdy attributes. Given its composition, it allows the sprint shoe to withstand natural wear and tear. It also keeps a low and featherlight profile to prevent drag.

To enable a well-ventilated platform, the Adidas Sprintstar 2 employs a synthetic fiber mesh. Because of the breathability it supplies, it promotes a healthy foot environment. This prevents bacteria build-up that causes foot odor within the platform.  It is extremely lightweight to adhere to the design principle of the track spike

Welded on the upper are synthetic overlays, locking the foot in place. These also enable a reinforced structure for the running shoe, enabling torsional rigidity. 

Lastly, a nylon-mesh shank is implemented on the upper to maximize airflow and support.

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Same sizing as Adidas Sprintstar.

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