- The Adidas Sensebounce+ is a modern-day performance shoe that’s designed for those who like to have a mix of athleticism and stylishness. The facade is made of a knitted textile that offers smooth and seamless coverage. A soft interior lining and a minimalist-style lacing system round out the upper unit.

- Cushioning is given by the Bounce+, a technology that is designed to usher the foot through the gait cycle with ease and comfort. This full-length foam is one of Adidas’ standard technologies, and it’s accompanied by a sockliner that is made with environment-friendly algae. A generous external pad protects against wear-and-tear.


The outsole unit of the Adidas Sensebounce+ is made of rubber. This layer covers the entire base of the cushioned platform, shielding it from potentially getting damaged by being constantly in contact with the ground. It is also responsible for doling out traction, a trait that is fundamental for all running shoes.

Square-shaped protrusions that are bunched together are tasked with heightening the gripping capacity of the external pad. These non-prominent nodes can handle the acts of swerving, turning, and braking. They could also potentially help in traversing slanted surfaces.


Underfoot cushioning is the duty of the midsole unit of the Sensebounce+. The technology that is used for this shoe is the Bounce+, a full-length foam that is designed to attenuate the impact shock generated by the foot-strike and energizing the toe-off phase. Adidas has intended this feature to deliver a bouncy performance to invigorate the steps of the runner.

A sockliner is placed right on top of the main midsole piece. This add-on is designed to put some more oomph to the perception of softness and fullness to the cushioning system. Furthermore, it is made of industry-standard ethylene vinyl acetate that’s treated with anti-pollutant algae which helps the environment.


The Adidas Sensebounce+ features a knitted fabric, the purpose of which is to provide a form-fitting coverage that is also seamless and lightweight. The versatile nature of this material permits the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle. Breathing holes that pockmark its surface maintain a cool and dry ride. Knitted uppers are used in many popular shoe-series like the Adidas Ultraboost.

A soft inner lining has the goal of hugging the foot securely without causing any hot spots to crop up. The thin and incognito construction preserves the breathable purpose of the silhouette.

A traditional lacing system is used for this model. It is comprised of round shoelaces that snake through a mix of stitch-reinforced eyelets and fabric lace-loops. The tightness or looseness of the fit can be adjusted by this well-known method.


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