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10 reasons to buy

  • Some users mentioned that the upper was supportive, adaptable, and breathable. It can also keep the foot dry all day long. 
  • The Adidas Senseboost Go is responsive without being too soft or springy, according to some testers. 
  • A few runners commended the high-quality quality construction of the outsole and upper sections of the shoe. 
  • This neutral running shoe has the right amount of width compared to the other Adidas running shoe, a buyer mentioned. 
  • One tester mentioned that the shoe was comfortable and has kept his foot from being sore after working all day. 
  • The Adidas Senseboost Go is suitable for running, walking, and workout sessions, according to various wearers.
  • The Continental rubber provides great traction on both wet and dry surfaces, a consumer claimed. 
  • A good number of satisfied purchasers love the light structure and flexibility of this running shoe. 
  • The cushioning comes in a sufficient amount: not too firm and not too soft, according to several reviewers. 
  • Many people like the stylish design and color schemes of the Adidas Senseboost Go.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A consumer remarked that the Adidas Senseboost Go shoe was very bulky and made his foot look way bigger. 
  • One reviewer mentioned that the shoe’s Boost foam required their ankles have to adjust and do a lot of stabilization, especially at high speeds. 
  • A few users noticed that their foot sometimes slides up and down during workout sessions. 

Bottom line

The majority of the users agreed that Senseboost Go from Adidas is suitable for both walking and running activities. They were happy with this running gear’s stylish design, lightweight structure, and cushioning system. People also appreciated and recommended the shoe because of its durability and breathable coverage. On the other hand, the looseness in the forefoot area and softness of the Boost foam were factors that didn’t get well with several users. 

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Good to know

- Adidas Senseboost Go is a stylish running shoe designed for fast-paced city running. It features the boost midsole technology that returns the energy put in. It utilizes a flexible rubber material that is made with temperature-independent foam to deliver optimal energy return throughout the ride. Temperature-independent foams are characterized by lower-temperature sensitivity and have the ability to retain its slow recovery properties in a variety of temperature conditions. 

- This running companion’s expanded forefoot equips the shoe with added stability, while the lateral reinforcements provide more support for side-to-side movements and quick turns. The adaptive tongue construction also allows pressure distribution for midfoot lockdown. 

- The Adidas Senseboost Go uses a Stretchweb rubber outsole for better transaction in both wet and dry surfaces. 

The Stretchweb rubber outsole runs the full length of the shoe and protects the rest of the sole section from wear and tear. This new type of sole easily adapts to the surface and conforms to the movement of the foot throughout the stride for ultimate comfort. Its elastic nature flexes underfoot to provide support for lateral movements. The additional flexibility when the outsole hits the ground helps increase the user’s body strength by letting the foot spread out wider when running. This leads to a more stable and natural gait. 

Additionally, the Stretchweb feature comes in the form of a grid-type rubber pattern that expands and keeps the foam from deforming every time the foot lands on the ground. This allows for more flexibility when walking or running. It also contracts like a rubber band, which enables the foam to spring back into its original shape.

This shoe features the boost midsole technology. Boost is a lightweight, responsive rubber midsole made out of TPU pellets that delivers a soft yet springy ride. The wide forefoot section is designed not only for added stability but also to provide protection and support from strenuous movements. The boost rubber has energy-returning properties that keep every step charged with fast energy. The more energy given, the more power is likewise received. 

Adidas Senseboost Go has a removable cushioned insole with minimal stable features, which allows for custom orthotics and enhanced foot motion. Orthotics are prescribed medical devices that may be worn inside the shoe to treat a variety of foot issues.

The Adidas Senseboost Go uses a circular, single-layer knit upper to deliver a breathable feel. This synthetic textile is so lightweight that it is barely noticeable that it’s there. The upper has a flexible fit that surrounds the foot in stretchy comfort. The adaptive tongue, that added midfoot support,  is designed to distribute pressure and give a midfoot lockdown while still being lightweight. 

The shoe’s webbing overlay limits stretch in targeted regions of the upper to keep the foot securely in place while running or walking.


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