Profile of the Adidas Response Bounce

What is it for? The Response Bounce belongs to Adidas' roster of tour-ready footwear. Targeted and made for female golfers, these golf trainers are infused with different technologies that amp up the performance of the shoe. 

Each part of the shoe has been covered. The outsole is placed with six ThinTech EXP cleats, the midsole with Bounce, and upper with Climastorm water-repellent protection.


Spiked durability. The Adidas Response Bounce features a six spike low-profile ThinTech EXP cleats, a generous amount to attain adequate grip on the ground. Additionally, the spikes also deliver stability and durability without tugging the greens. It sits on an Adiwear, a tennis-inspired technology that gives unbeatable durability and abrasion resistance.


Extra padding. The interior of the shoe is furnished with the Cloudfoam insole, hence the feeling of walking on clouds. The long-lasting comfort and support can certainly be felt as it powers through the entire round. 

Boost cushioning. The full-length Bounce midsole serves as an excellent complement because it boosts comfort and holds a stable foundation. 


Lightweight leather alternative. Covering almost the majority of the Response Bounce is a microfiber synthetic leather upper. While it is a marvelous alternative to leather, this material is known for its performance and comfort. Moreover, it is also easy to clean that wiping after each session is already sufficient enough to be presentable for one's next match. 

Water-repellent protection. To shield the foot against moisture, the upper is armed with Climastorm. 

Extra space. The construction of the shoe holds a wide forefoot shape. This improved fit accommodates the foot as it expands instead of constricting it. 

Adidas Response Bounce Style

Minimalist but sleek best describes the look of the Adidas Response Bounce. The smooth synthetic upper that wraps the upper of the shoe majorly affects the overall look of the shoe. The Three Stripes on the sides serve as the only symbol of the Adidas branding. 

Because of this, the overall look of the shoe is versatile. Fashion-savvy female golfers can easily find clothing to match these. Moreover, even those who suffer from I-have-nothing-to-wear moments can swiftly be saved from the crisis as shorts and pants can pair well with these.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 270g
Update: Adidas Response Bounce 2.0
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Water-repellent
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Adidas Bounce, Adidas Adiwear, Adidas Cloudfoam

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