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6 reasons to buy

  • Several users noted that the Knit upper of Predator Tango 18+ Turf fits like a glove.
  • Majority of those who purchased the turf shoe liked its look, describing it as elegant and high-quality.
  • Some players loved the flexibility offered by the Knit upper.
  • A couple of users noted the turf cleat’s enhanced feel on the ball.
  • The soccer cleat was highly recommended by a few players due to the comfort it offers.
  • One user commended the Boost outsole of the Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Turf.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A considerable number of users felt that the cleat was little difficult to put on. They recommended using a shoe horn.
  • A couple of players wished its upper material was leather for its price.
  • One user experienced ankle pain issues even after wearing the cleat in several sessions.

Bottom line

The Adidas Predator Tango 18+ is a turf cleat with exceptional fit and comfort according to the majority. Similar to its firm ground version, the cleat is highly recommended for its flexible and snug upper brought by the Knit technology. For someone who desires to dominate the turf grounds with ease, without worrying too much about blisters and breaking in, this is the one cleat that ticks that checklist.

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Good to know

  • The Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Turf features Boost as its primary comfort technology. Distinct to this version, the Boost technology is incorporated as a midsole cushioning that guarantees springy feedback. It is scientifically proven to provide great ease for the lower leg. The same Boost technology is seen in the heels of the previous Predator turf such as the Predator Precision. With the Predator Tango 18+ Turf, the springy foam extends to the toe area which gives every stride a complete and improved energy-returning sensation.
  • Another comfort element that amplifies the glove-fitting sensation is the Knit upper. The technology provides an all-around snug fit that anatomically conforms to shape of the foot. The method of fused yarns creates stable yet flexible support to the upper.
  • Engineered for short bladed synthetic grass, the outsole configuration of the turf cleat aids in both rotational and aggressive traction movements. It is made up of multiple diamond cleats densely arranged to achieve the maximum traction on abrasive grounds.
  • The trendy Sockfit collar is the stretchy sock extension that gives aesthetic character to the soccer cleat. When stretched, the collar reveals a hidden color that serves as the cleat’s attraction point. On top of its appealing form, the collar extends with the Purecut laceless sock forefoot that adds up to the lockdown, leaving a stable sensation from the lower leg to the forefoot.
  • The Control Skin layer protects the cleat in wet and dry conditions while maintaining the ball friction.
  • The heel features a molded construction that is ergonomically shaped to optimize lockdown.

Adidas offers the turf cleat in men’s version only for standard sizes. It is recommended by the majority to go for a half size larger to get the perfect fit. For a laceless cleat, both the Knit upper and Sockfit collar wrap the foot with stretchable support and secure lockdown.

The multiple diamond cleats make up the outsole configuration of the Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Turf. Stability is provided with the small geometric studs that are spread biomechanically. The densely arranged cleats are targeted to improve quick turns and change of directions in a turf ground.

The Adidas Boost innovation serves as the midsole cushioning. The revolutionary material made of bonded foam pellets are built for its powerful energy absorption. The mechanism of Boost works like a spring that rebounds the same energy that the foot exerts. In this way, the foot will never have to be strained out for pushing too much energy in every stride.

The Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Turf features a combination of upper materials designed with optimized stretchability.

The Knit upper, for one, is an elastic fused yarn material that is built for comfort and breathability. The material covers the cleat dominantly from the toe to the heel area, except for the upper midfoot where the collar is installed.

On the forefoot, the textured geometric lines are the main design highlights. On the medial side, the textured lines flow through, while the Adidas stripes are featured on the lateral sides.

The elastic Sockfit collar covers the upper from the lower leg to the central area of the forefoot. Where you would typically see a central lacing system, a laceless sock forefoot is installed, giving the cleat adaptive support.

The full upper is protected by a thin layer of Control Skin known to keep the ball friction in wet and dry conditions.

Solid lock-in is intended with the heel engineered through a molded construction.


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