Who should buy the Adidas Predator Edge+

With ball grip as its standout feature, the Adidas Predator Edge+ is clearly for players who are always on the offensive. This new shoe from Adidas just makes ball handling a lot more precise, as long as the athlete is well-practiced. The following are also the targets of this shoe:

  • athletes who have a generous budget for their soccer cleats
  • players who do not mind wearing laceless cleats
  • soccer players whose feet are on the wider side

Who should NOT buy this Adidas soccer cleat

The Predator Edge+ is clearly not for those who are looking for budget-friendly cleats. They are better off with the Adidas Predator Edge.1 and the takedown versions of the Adidas Predator Freak. 

Those who like a more one-to-one fit and better overall containment can go for the Adidas Predator Freak+. This shoe also has a better shape. If they are willing to try other brands, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 is a good place to start.

Adidas Predator Edge+: A monster in ball handling

The Predator series is known for uppers that feature unique patterns that improve ball touch. The Adidas Predator Edge+ is no different, and the Zone Skin on its upper delivers what an expert describes as a "ton of extra grip on the ball." Another expert reviewer chimes in to say that the unique texturing on the upper makes swerves "a little bit more effortless" to execute. For him, this makes the Predator Freak+ "the grippiest football boot [he has] ever tried."  It's clear that this soccer cleat is preparing its wearer to make that clean and powerful strike to the goal. 

However, it must be noted here that the high levels of grip can pose challenges to rookies. Getting used to its stickiness may require "a pretty steep learning curve" from those who are not yet masters of crucial ball maneuvering skills.

Form over function

Many reviewers can't help but comment about how nicely this soccer cleat is shaped. It's also available in colorways that make it even more interesting.

However, it's also this shoe's "cartoonish-shaped" silhouette that makes it a bit less desirable for an expert. According to him, the idealistic shape might have worked if the upper materials are flexible. But they are not; he says the upper is "remarkably stiff," making it difficult to give a nice one-to-one fit. Another reviewer agrees, and he explains that this stiffness comes from the grip-enhancing rubber fins that were strewn all over the upper. The Adidas Predator Edge+ is therefore an interesting case where its beauty seems to rain on the shoe's performance parade, at least as far as being snug and nimble is concerned.

The Predator Edge+ digs so well

Aside from looking "ridiculously super mega cool", an avid reviewer says that the outsole of this soccer cleat is so grippy it "feels like you could be spiderman running up the wall!" This clearly contributes a lot to the shoe's overall stability. 

However, it must be noted here that an extra diamond stud is molded into the tip of the forefoot. According to Adidas, this is supposed to provide a significant performance uptick. Unfortunately, an expert reports that he did not really feel any difference. 

Enjoy a more natural-feeling collar

In their collective report, a small group of experts says that the mid-cut collar of the Adidas Predator Edge+ is able to deliver "extra harnessing without feeling awkward." It's also far less intimidating, especially when compared to the Freak+ that had an exaggeratedly elongated collar.

Challenging to slide into

Still, the mid-cut style is not perfect. Because it's shorter, a soccer player says that it's a little more challenging to pull at it so that the foot can slide more easily in. The stiff upper does not help so much, so the Edge+ ends up as a shoe that's a bit of a challenge to put on.

Undoubtedly topnotch quality-wise

Being a top-tier shoe, the Adidas Predator Edge+ is made of materials and technologies that are up-to-date and really top-of-the-line. Though this cleat is a little heavier than the Predator Freak that it replaces, it's still pretty light and its weight certainly won't impede movement.

The Adidas Predator Edge+ needs break-in

However, these materials might need some time to fully break in. A player is accurate in pointing out that this cleat would need "some getting used to."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 261g
Top: Mid
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas Predator
Lacing System: Laceless
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Release date: Jan 2022

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