Our verdict


A significant number of wearers have shown their admiration with Adidas Power Perfect 3 for the many benefits the shoe brought them. They are pleased with its comfort, stability, reasonable price, solid platform, and supportive upper. However, a few users felt that the flexible forefoot made them less planted. But despite the issue, this weightlifting shoe remains recommendable for amateur and professional weightlifters alike.


  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Great stability
  • Exceptional ankle support
  • Quality materials used
  • Sufficient toe box space
  • Grippy outsole
  • Color looks better in person
  • Offers secured foothold
  • Well-built midsole


  • Flexible forefoot
  • Requires a break-in period

Who should buy the Adidas Power Perfect 3

The Adidas Power Perfect 3 is a refreshed version of the brand’s acclaimed Power Perfect 2 and carried over the platform from the previous model without any alterations. This Adidas footwear is a solid choice if:

  • You want to see some improvements in your ankle mobility and perform deeper squats with a more upright torso position. 
  • You weightlift on both rubber and wood gym floorings and need a shoe that offers stable footing on those surfaces. 

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Logo1

Updates to the Adidas Power Perfect 3

  • This iteration introduces a mesh insert. It covers up the toe box and the tongue. This alteration makes the forefoot section more flexible while providing better aeration of the foot chamber.
  • This version has a more minimalistic look as compared to the previous model. The number of seams has been reduced significantly in every area of the upper. 
  • The three stripes no longer serve as overlays and now take the form of printings on the sides.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Updates

Durable grippy outsole

The Power Perfect 3 inherits the Adiwear outsole of its predecessor. It is a durable rubber compound that shields the platform against wear and tear.

The unit is entirely flat, ensuring a stable footing for lifting weights. The honeycomb patterns at the heel and the forefoot render grip on various gym floors, including wood and rubber.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Outsole1

Incompressible elevated heel

A high-density EVA foam makes up a robust platform of the Adidas Power Perfect 3. It gets thicker in the rearfoot, raising the heel above the toes. It has a 19-mm (0.75 inches) heel height which is considered average among Adidas weightlifting shoes. This incompressible elevated heel helps athletes reach greater depth when they squat while keeping their torso upright.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Midsole1

The Adidas Power Perfect 3's upper

The Power Perfect 3 utilizes synthetic leather which creates a supportive fit in the upper unit. The material doesn’t get easily frayed and withstands the rigors of regular weightlifting.

Mesh is employed in place of leather in the toe box. This adjustment helps in making this section more pliable to accommodate lifting techniques that involve forefoot bending. It also has an ample give to it which allows toes to splay during exercises. A PU (polyurethane) overlay is added on top of the mesh at the front, protecting it from abrasion.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Upper1

Snug and ventilated rearfoot section

The mesh extends up to cover the tongue as well. It allows more air to move freely through the ventilation pores and keeps the foot aerated when the heat builds up. The collar is also lined with mesh, contributing to the breathability of the shoe.

A plastic overlay is placed at the bottom of the rearfoot. It cradles the heel and prevents it from excessive wobbling when the wearer lifts heavy loads.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Upper2

Enhanced foothold

The trainer utilizes a traditional lace-up closure with fabric laces and metal eyelets to secure the fit in the midfoot. On top of the instep, a hook-and-loop Velcro strap further enhances the foothold. Both components can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Lacing System