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7 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of people say that the Adidas Mat Wizard 4 feels good to wear during matches.
  • According to almost all of the wrestlers, the outsole allows for quick movements without slipping.
  • The high collar provides adequate ankle support, many athletes have stated.
  • A good number of folks enjoy the snug fit of this wrestling shoe.
  • The style garners praise from numerous consumers.
  • A lot of shoppers claim that this product is reasonably priced for its quality build.
  • Aside from wrestling, multiple owners find this footgear suitable for weight training, mixed martial arts, and doing squats.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers were left disappointed because the seams split, and the overlays peeled off after a few weeks of use.
  • A few users wish that the upper of the Mat Wizard 4 was more breathable.

Bottom line

Digging your feet on mat won’t be a problem with the Mat Wizard 4 because of the lateral and medial Drive Zones of the outsoles. These features on the underside ensure full ground contact that prevents slipping during crucial movements. The upper of this Adidas wrestling trainer sports a high collar that delivers maximum ankle coverage and support. This stylish and comfortable footwear is also considered versatile by reviewers.

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User reviews:

Stupefy your opponent with your quick foot movements on the mat while wearing the Adidas Mat Wizard 4. This pair has a full-length rubber outsole that prevents slippage as you drive towards your competition to take them down. Its high-top silhouette keeps the wearer stable as they brace against their opponent’s takedown efforts.

Traction. The Adidas Mat Wizard 4 uses a full-length rubber for its outsole. This compound provides a reliable grip on the mat due to its zigzag tread pattern.

Drive Zones. Another notable feature of the underside is the Drive Zone. In this model, it has Drive Zones in the lateral and medial areas that allow the outsole to deliver consistent mat contact regardless of the angle of the foot.

Comfort. Wrestling shoes do not have a thick cushioning unit. It allows for better ground feedback. Instead, they are usually equipped with a thin insole to provide a comfortable footbed. The Mat Wizard 4 features a die-cut EVA foam that has a wedge-like shape that keeps the foot in the optimal position for charging and defending.

Coverage. The top of the Adidas Mat Wizard 4 is made of mesh. This material is breathable, which keeps the foot fresh even during intense matches. It is also soft, allowing it to wrap the foot like a sock comfortably.

Support and protection. Synthetic overlays not only improve the aesthetics of this wrestling trainer, but it also holds the shape of the upper. They also protect the underlying fabric against abrasion, improving the durability of the shoe.

Lockdown. The high-cut top of this footgear delivers adequate ankle support. The foothold is secured by the traditional lacing system, which can be adjusted to a wearer’s preference.

Lace garage. No one wants laces flailing about during matches, so Adidas equipped this model with lace garage at the top of the tongue. After tying, just tuck the shoelaces inside the pocket to prevent them from unraveling during a match.

Fit. Enhancing the cozy fit of the top is the anatomical-shaped tongue and plush collar. The tongue is constructed to cover the instep and the front of the legs comfortably. It also reduces the pressure created when the laces are tightened. As for the collar, the ribbed fabric at the back allows the ankle to move without reducing the secure hold.

Traction or flexibility? These are two things wrestlers need to answer before buying their next pair of wrestling shoes. The Adidas Combat Speed 5 is split-sole wrestling shoe. It means that the rubber is only placed under the heel and the forefoot, making it easier for the foot to move naturally. However, due to this construction, the grip is less compared to the Mat Wizard 4, which has a full-length outsole.

Movements on the mat are also different. The presence of suede under the shoe and around the sole unit in the Combat Speed 5 allows wearers to slide their foot when needed. On the other hand, because the Mat Wizard 4 has no suede on any part of the sole unit, sliding is not an easy task. However, it allows wearers to push or dig into the mat regardless of the foot angle.  

As for ankle support, both the Combat Speed 5 and the Mat Wizard 4 sport a high collar. However, if you require more ankle hold from your trainer, then the strap on the Combat Speed 5 may deliver what you need.

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