Notable features of the Adidas Jumpstar

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For a maximized surface grip, this Adidas track and field shoe is equipped with pyramid spikes. A set of six of these spikes is geared to the forefoot of the shoe’s spike plate for enhanced propulsion. These come in ¼-inch in length. 

Adidas Jumpstar spike pins

A TPU spike plate is implemented in the forefoot in order to accommodate the shoe’s removable spike pins. It helps optimize the efficiency of the athlete’s stride and promote the track spike’s overall durability. 

Designed to power the athlete’s performance in multiple jumping events, the Adidas Jumpstar features top-of-the-line materials. Its Adiwear outsole is one example. It is intended to promote both durability and traction. 

Adidas Jumpstar adiwear

Complementing the already excellent traction-producing component of the shoe- Adiwear outsole- is its TPU spike plate. Aside from aiding the shoe’s pyramid spikes, the plate enables efficiency and speed. 

Another integral element of the shoe is its molded EVA midsole. It is responsible for the Jumpstar’s resilient cushioning.

Traction made to last

Configured similarly with some other models from Adidas like the Adizero Accelerator and Distancestar, the Jumpstar features a TPU spike plate.

Known for its durability and lightness, the plate is engineered to withstand abrasive track elements. It also supplements an efficient toe-off. 

Adidas Jumpstar spike plate

To improve the durability of the shoe, even more, the Adiwear outsole is integrated into the track spike’s composition.

It is a proprietary outsole technology from Adidas that consists of non-marking carbon rubber in the heel. It delivers flexibility and a premium surface grip.

Adidas Jumpstar: Maximum protection, minimum weight

Adidas Jumpstar cushion

Situated in the Adidas Jumpstar’s midsole is a molded EVA foam. It is a lightweight foam that offers shock-attenuating properties and unrivaled comfort. 

Comfortably supportive

Adidas Jumpstar lockdown

Hailed by many for its durability, a synthetic upper is outfitted to the Jumpstar for lightweight sturdiness. Additionally, this material locks the foot in place to avoid unwanted shoe removal during the performance. 

Adidas Jumpstar mesh upper

There are some mesh inserts that are added to the upper. These are meant for ventilation, keeping a moisture-free comfort within the foot chamber.

Adidas Jumpstar padding

To further support and lockdown, a forefoot lockdown strap is welded. It is made out of a Velcro strap the maintains the foot’s security. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 221g
Closure: Lace-up, Hook and loop
Event: Jumping
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch
Surface: Dirt, Rubber

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