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9 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of those who took time to write reviews talked about how well crafted the Adidas Jeans is.
  • Many of the purchasers enthusiastically shared that this model is among the most comfortable shoes that they have ever worn.
  • The Adidas Jeans has the silhouette of a true classic.
  • Several reviewers were happy with how stylish these shoes are, adding that they get heartwarming compliments whenever they go out wearing them. 
  • Many of those who already own a pair are actually considering buying more pairs, this time in different hues.
  • There were older reviewers who said that the Adidas Jeans is actually better than the shoe that it is based on when it comes to fit and comfort.
  • Many loved the flexibility of this model, saying that it easily goes well with shorts, jeans, and even sweatpants.
  • A pair of Adidas Jeans shoes won’t put a big gash on one’s pocket.
  • A lot of those who left reviews said that their Adidas Jeans shoes fit their feet very well, and some of them even claimed to have wider-than-normal feet.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers are turned a bit off by the orangeness of the gum sole.
  • Some noted that the colors come off as either more neon or brighter than what is expected based on the photos that were posted online.

Bottom line

The Adidas Jeans is a good deal in many distinguishable ways. For one, it has this classically neat silhouette that adds sophistication. It also has this snug fit that makes a lot of wearers feel very comfortable.

If the wearer is one to experiment with outfits, there are a lot of colorways to choose from. But one actually need not choose; sold at a budget-friendly price, an average buyer can easily afford to buy more than a pair of Adidas Jeans.

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Good to know

Adidas Jeans shoes are offered in standard widths for both men and women.  It utilizes a lacing system that helps wearers adjust the footwear’s snugness as they see fit.

The Adidas Jeans is true to its name; it really is a shoe that looks good on people who wear jeans or denim shorts. Because this comes in numerous colors, there surely is a pair for every personality.

While its colorway only has this simple tonal hue, the presence of the highly recognizable Adidas logo stripes gives it its stand-out appeal, especially among the younger crowd.

Of course, one should not forget that this leisure shoe is made of premium suede. Whatever the color, suede rarely fails in adding sophistication to any clothing item, and shoes will never be an exemption.

Being a retro, the Adidas Jeans largely takes after the silhouette and overall appearance of its predecessor. When one examines the details, however, small but significant differences will be put to the surface.

The shoe is now actually made of suede that is of better quality than the original, making it classier and all the more valuable. The outsole is also changed from ordinary rubber to gum, endowing the current Adidas Jeans with better surface grip and durability. Of course, the trefoil patterns on the outsole are retained.

Adidas really dug deep in its Originals archives to produce what fans now simply refer to as the Adidas Jeans. This shoe is a revival of a 1979/1980 model, which was also created by combining stand-out elements from the company’s previous models such as the Azzurro, Rio, and SL72.

The Adidas Jeans’s predecessor had an upper that was made of suede. It had the easily recognizable Adidas stripes in the midfoot area.

To provide protection, the original model also had a toe bumper and heel stabilizer. To complete the satisfactory shoe experience, it had a rubber outsole whose patterns feature an organized repetition of the brand’s Trefoil logo.

The current Adidas Jeans offers everything in the original as is, except for a few updates. Its upper is now made of premium suede, adding more sophistication and class to its already neat design. It now also has a gum sole that gives it a futuristic appeal. The midsole has also been made a bit softer to enhance the comfort that it provides.

  • The Adidas Jeans is not the first model to draw inspiration from its 1979/1980 predecessor. The original model was also the inspiration of a Jeans release in 2003 and another release in late 2015.
  • The inside of the shoe is lined with leather to ensure high levels of foot comfort.
  • Adidas logo stripes in the midfoot area are made of durable synthetic material, and they are usually bathed in a color that sharply contrasts with its suede background for a more pronounced “popping” effect.


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