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10 reasons to buy

  • Praises for the comfort provided by the Adidas Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground are in abundance from most of the reviewers.
  • A significant number of commenters indicated their admiration for this firm ground model’s great ball touch and control.
  • The majority of purchasers agreed that the soccer cleat provides excellent comfort and fit fresh out of the box.
  • Several players took notice of the shoe’s great fit.
  • Those who purchased the Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat loved the shoe’s lightweight feel.
  • Expert reviewers and soccer cleat enthusiasts alike liked the soccer cleat’s classic aesthetic.
  • The cleat’s softness brought about by its kangaroo leather upper has been highly regarded by a number of people.
  • A handful of wide-footed players were appreciative about the firm ground shoe’s wide fit.
  • Some users liked this soccer cleat’s traction and grip brought about by its soleplate.
  • The Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat belongs to a reasonable price range.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Majority of the users’ concern about the Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat is its durability.
  • Some commenters have expounded on the cleat’s tendency to degrade when used on wet surfaces.
  • Another major issue apparent in most of the player’s reviews is the cleat’s tendency to stretch a tad bit.

Bottom line

It seems like the Adidas Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground soccer cleat has been created to please. Appealing to both soccer cleat experts and casual players, the pair has got everyone covered in terms of comfort, fit, ball touch and the classic aesthetic. It is undeniable that the shoe brings a soft and comfortable fit fresh out of the box as proven by the majority of its reviewers, including the wide-footed players.

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Expert reviews:

User reviews:

  • The Adidas Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground soccer cleat won the hearts of many when it was released. And it’s easy to see why. This model nicely wraps the much-loved features of the historic Copa Mundial and the 11Pro series, and blending it with modern elements.
  • The pair is packed with quality features starting with its kangaroo leather forefoot. Shaping to the player’s foot, it brings softness and comfort on the pitch. The rearfoot, furthermore, is constructed with synthetic leather designed to bring stability to the player’s foot. Aiding comfort is a die-cut Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) insole which also brings a lightweight fit.
  • Due to the cleat’s traditional look, it is unsurprising that the Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat is often compared to the Adidas Copa Mundial.
  • A traditional central lacing system is incorporated into this model’s tongue. This feature is meant to create a more personalized fit. Making sure that the laces stay in place, a lace guard feature has been placed in the tongue, as well.
  • Adidas’s Comfort Frame technology, formerly used for the three stripes’ 11Pro series, is used in this model’s soleplate. Its construction includes a total of eleven conical studs for rotational traction and triangular formation structure for enhanced support on firm ground surface.

The Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat brings a soft, comfortable feel through its kangaroo leather placed in the forefoot. The shoe is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from sizes 4 to 13 ½. A central lacing system has been incorporated into this model together with its tongue to further the shoe’s fit. This type of lacing system is also found in the popular Adidas Samba Classic and Adidas Mundial Goal.

It is important to note that reviewers have had mixed reviews regarding the pair’s sizing. While it has been the consensus that the shoe is ideal for wide footed players, some have found the shoe to be a half size small while others found the cleat to be half size large. So, it is recommended to check the shoe’s fit first before purchasing a pair.

The Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat delivers comfort and style for players. Firstly, the upper is created with a combination of kangaroo and synthetic leather. Kangaroo leather, for one, is highly regarded for soccer cleat construction as it molds to the player’s foot, creating a much-personalized fit.

The heel area, on the other hand, is created with synthetic leather. This area is engineered to bring stability to the player’s foot. Synthetic material is also used as the cleat’s lining to provide supple yet protective sensation.

Additionally, a die-cut EVA insole serves to aid comfort. While a central lacing system is integrated into the shoe’s tongue is to further its fit.

The inspiration for the Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG outsole comes from the 11Pro series which has since been discontinued by the three stripes. This Comfort Frame technology is engineered to be more lightweight while maximizing flexibility through pivot points.

The outsole of this model incorporates a total of eleven conical studs. Seven studs have been placed in the forefoot while four are integrated into the heel area. The plate also makes use of a triangular design which promotes stability throughout the player’s foot.

A special edition release of the Adidas Gloro 16.1 has been made in 2015. Featuring a dark look, the colorway featured is that of Black, Night Metallic, Solar Green and Solar Blue hues. The upper is primarily Black while the midsole sports gradiated colors that transition from blue to green. The soleplate is black as well, while the studs are colored in either blue or green.

  • The Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG soccer cleat is available in the Vivid Red/ White/ Core Black colorway.

How Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground compares

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This shoe: £80
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