Updates to Adidas Galaxy 4

  • Those who are just starting to appreciate the act of running and having an active lifestyle may choose the Adidas Galaxy 4 as a companion. This product has a sporty look which is meant to accentuate its capacity as a performance garb. The upper unit features sandwich mesh for breathability and support, as well as the FITPANEL overlay system for midfoot steadiness.
  • Underfoot cushioning is a responsibility that falls on the Cloudfoam, a full-length technology that is meant to provide lightweight and responsive support. A removable sock liner with an antimicrobial coating prevents germs from proliferating and causing odor. The external pad uses the ADIWEAR™ rubber to protect against the damaging nature of the roads.

Size and fit

Standard sizing schemes were used when the Adidas Galaxy 4 was made. Potential purchasers can use their usual sizing expectations when it comes to trying a pair. Widthwise, the available options are D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women. Narrow and medium foot dimensions are the ones who are likely to enjoy the in-shoe experience.

A semi-curved lasting board is used for this model. Such a shape mimics the natural curvature of the human foot.


ADIWEAR™ is the material that’s used for the outsole unit of the Adidas Galaxy 4. This rubber layer acts as a shield against wear-and-tear. It has a durable construction which allows it to last long. Traction is an integral part of this material since it is naturally grippy.

Additional grip is given by the non-prominent nodes that pockmark the surface of the external pad. These protrusions are similar to tire-treads, controlling the quality of the movement on the surface and heightening the sureness of the step. Braking and swerving are motions that can benefit from this design.

Shallow flex grooves adorn the outsole like a grid. These seemingly superficial trenches help the foot in attaining its natural capability to bend by allowing the underfoot platform to flex, as well. The heel-to-toe transitions can take advantage of this configuration.


The midsole unit of the Adidas Galaxy 4 is made of the Cloudfoam, a lightweight cushioning unit that runs the whole length of the shoe. This full-length piece is meant to cushion the landing impact generated by the foot-strike, then energizing the foot for the toe-off.

An OrthoLite® sock liner is placed right above the main cushioning system. The purpose of this add-on is to provide some more oomph to the underfoot experience. It has antimicrobial and anti-moisture capacities to maintain a clean and healthy in-shoe environment for the foot.


The exterior of the Adidas Galaxy 4’s upper unit is comprised of sandwich mesh. This multilayered netting is tasked with supporting the frame of the foot, securing it and saving it from wobbling. The holes that pockmark the surface of this material are for breathability. Air enters the interior chamber and cools the foot that’s inside, thus allowing for all-day wear.

The FITPANEL system is made of synthetic overlays that are stitched to the sides of the façade. These layers aim to help the fabrics when it comes to locking the foot inside the foot-compartment. The ends of these stitched-on panels have eyelets that connect directly to the crisscrossing shoelaces that grace the instep.

The heel and forefoot sections have stitched-on overlays that help with the durability of the silhouette. These accoutrements also assist with the security of the foot.

The tongue unit and collar are padded. These parts of the upper unit cushion the Achilles tendon, the ankles and the bridge of the foot. They also make sure to prevent an unstable in-shoe hug, as well as accidental shoe removals.

Cheap running shoe series similar to the Adidas Galaxy

Performance shoes need not be expensive. In fact, the build quality and the overall efficacy of footwear should be the aspects that govern the act of choosing a pair. Some selections have extremely hefty price tags but have somewhat similar configurations to the ones that are for mass consumption. Ultimately, the choice would be up to the potential purchaser, though there definitely are quality shoes that don’t have ridiculously high prices.

Here are some cheap running shoe series similar to the Galaxy from Adidas:

Adidas Duramo

The Duramo series from Adidas is one of the most accessible in the market. People from all over have either worn or seen a pair of the Duramos since it’s readily available in many brick-and-mortar stores, not to mention the ones that are sold via online shops. The shoes that are within this family are praised for their sporty yet accommodating looks, the uncluttered façades, and the comfortable underfoot construction. Cloudfoam, the midsole tech that’s present in the Galaxy 4, is even used for the later iterations such as the Duramo 8 and the Duramo 9.  But the aspect that genuinely made waves was the apparently wallet-friendly price tag.

Nike Downshifter

Nike is one of the most prominent entities in the performance apparel industry. It has been known as a brand that is continuously innovating. The products that are within its banner are well-known and mostly well-received. But one can understand if the prices of Nike running shoes are a bit steep. However, those who like the premium-quality-at-a-premium-price aren’t the only type of consumer that the brand acknowledges. In fact, shoe series like the Downshifter are testaments to the accessibility of the Swoosh brand’s selections. The 7th iteration of the Downshifter line has even gained recognition as an approachable and cheap Nike footwear since it features tried-and-true components.

Asics Gel Contend

The GEL® technology is one of Asics’ most innovative produces. This silicon-based piece is responsible for heightening the impact-mitigating capacities of the midsole, fundamentally transforming the act of running into confident and highly comfortable deeds. GEL® is present in many models in the Asics stable, but the options need not be expensive. The Gel Contend is an example of a relatively affordable roster of neutral running shoes that cater to those who want to save money while enjoying a quality performance. The straightforward but thoughtful designs of the Contend shoes do a lot to bolster the efficacy of the step.


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