Who should buy the Adidas Futurenatural

Here are some of the reasons why people choose the Futurenatural above other Adidas workout shoes:

  • a go-to shoe for a little bit of everything
  • a snug, sock-like fit that feels cozy and non-restricting
  • lighter-than-average weight for a cross-trainer
  • unique style

Adidas Futurenatural logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you are a die-hard Crossfitter and need a monster of a shoe for tough WODs and heavier weightlifting, look towards Nike Metcon 7 and Reebok Nano X1. You might be surprised, but they are offered at the same price tier as the Futurenatural.

Not everyone is a fan of the snug-fitting upper. They might as well consider the Adidas Dropset Trainer. It’s got a well-padded upper with a traditional tongue design and is also more accommodating for individuals with wide feet.

And if you want a slightly less cushioned and more grounded Adidas cross-trainer, check out the Adidas FitBoost Trainer.

Adidas Futurenatural best use

Foot-hugging comfort of the Futurenatural upper

The Adidas Futurenatural is equipped with every essential element for a comfortable and efficient time in the gym. However, what sets it apart is the "Futurenatural" design.

This design was first debuted in James Harden's 5th signature model. What is it exactly? It is a unique last developed by Adidas that's anatomically shaped and merges the upper and midsole without any seams.

Adidas Futurenatural fit

A great number of reviewers are in awe of how the brand’s proprietary Primeknit upper "cozily it embraces the foot." Some even claim it “one of the comfiest trainers they ever got.”

There is also a little additional cushion around the ankle, which makes it especially comfortable for those who normally have heels rubbed by shoes or experience heel slippage.

A bit hard to put on for some

A few people found the trainer’s opening a bit tight for their preference, making it fiddly to put on the shoe. Some say that it would be easier if there was a pull tab attached, while others report that the upper stretches out a bit with time.

Adidas Futurenatural collar

Lots of cushion for jumps

More than a few athletes laud the shoe's energy transfer, saying it has "plenty of spring”, especially in the heel portion. To the nerdier gym buffs out there, this is thanks to the 8-mm heel-to-toe drop (20 mm in the heel and 12 mm in the forefoot).

One reviewer even added that it’s not that far behind the Adidas Ultraboosts, some of the brand’s max-cushioned running shoes.

Some of the other comments mention the trainer being “super comfy” for everyday use as well as long shifts at work.

Adidas Futurenatural cushioning

Great grip for shifty movements

Based on the users’ general feedback, the outsole provides impressive levels of grip on the floor during fast-paced moves. It helps you stop on a dime when shifting side-to-side or rapidly changing directions. 

And according to the brand itself, the outsole has been “computer-generated” to provide maximum traction where it’s most needed.

Adidas Futurenatural grip

Adidas Futurenatural is 15% lighter than average!

Despite the bulky appearance of its midsole unit, the weight of the Futurenatural is kept at the minimum. It comes in at 9 oz (255 grams) whereas the average across training shoes on the market is 10.5 oz (300 g).

This fact puts this Adidas shoe into the lightweight category of cross-trainers.

Stable for moderate lifting

By merely looking at the shoe’s platform from the top or from the bottom, you will notice its widened portions at the heel and forefoot. This design helps to enhance stability for weightlifting exercises.

However, it is recommended to keep it light with the Futurenatural as its highly cushioned sole is not meant to handle heavier weights.

Adidas Futurenatural wide base

It’s a well-made Adidas shoe

More than a few reviewers have commented on the high quality of the shoe’s construction. It appears to hold up well over time as no durability complaints have been reported.

The Adidas Futurenatural is mainly made from recycled materials.

Adidas Futurenatural quality

“Future”-natural lives up to its name in its style aspect

“Stylish, lovely, fabulous” - these are some of the common descriptions of the Adidas Futurenatural. Its design makes it a visually appealing option for both gym and some casual strolls.

Over the past few years, Adidas has demonstrated a knack for futuristic design. This is also reflected in the Futurenatural trainer, which gives off an alien-like vibe with its intricate wavy shapes.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 255g
Drop: 8mm
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight / Slip On
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Toebox: Medium

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