Who should buy the Adidas Forum Exhibit Low shoe

This shoe will pull at your heartstrings if you are:

  • style-savvy sneaker hunter who doesn't mind having a partly chunky sole
  • lover of basketball-inspired shoes 
  • budget-friendly shoe seeker 
  • narrow to medium footed sneaker wearers

Who should not buy this shoe

  • seekers of 100% sustainable shoes since it only has 20% recycled components 
  • Adidas Forum series advocates who prefer the strap-on style

Adidas Forum Exhibit Low vs. Adidas Forum Low

That's a bit of a tongue twister! The Adidas Forum Exhibit Low is a more daring sibling in the Forum family. Adidas went a bit playful by putting more color to this heritage silhouette than the more traditional look of the Adidas Forum Low.

It's also a step into sustainability as part of its upper are pieced together using repurposed materials. Price-wise, this revamped model is $10 less than Forum Low. 

Ready for work, play, and leisure

Adidas Forum Exhibit Low is a staple shoe worth adding to anyone's sneaker rotation. It's an all-rounder that pairs well with jeans, tracks, and anything in between. 

Dressed in a fab mix of colors 

Adidas gave this shoe a pop of character by not sticking to neutral and subdued colors, classic black and white or blue and white. It’s dressed with vibrant shades, making it appear less dull and boring. 

Play of textures

Each panel is made with a good mix of leather and suede, giving this shoe a unique taste among other Forum kicks. 

Comfy but not squishy

It doesn’t have the same cushy feel you’ll get from the NMDs, Yeezys, or Ultraboost. But it got the traditional foam cushioning ready to cradle the foot against impact. 

Cheap but classy 

It’s one of the minimalist sneakers with an edge. It goes well with lots of streetwear clothes minus the pricey tag.

Strapless Adidas Forum that's not too loose

Though some followers of the Adidas Forum sneakers still prefer having the Velcro strap for added appeal, this shoe feels relatively snug around the midfoot. 

Narrows at the forefoot

It feels a tad tight around the sides of the foot with its partly tapered form. 

Facts / Specs

Style: Retro, Sporty, Minimalist
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Adidas Forum
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede
Features: Eco / Sustainable

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Adidas Forum Exhibit Low unboxing and on-feet videos


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