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10 reasons to buy

  • Most wearers like the Adidas Distancestar for its highly breathable upper material.
  • A lot of users have said that the Distancestar feels lightweight during their training.
  • Most users have expressed that the shoe has a durable sole.
  • Some users appreciate that the Distancestar has terrific traction while running on the track.
  • A number of several users have praised the shoe for its proper cushioning, especially in the heel area.
  • Many users have commented on how good the shock absorption of the shoe is.
  • Several users like that the shoe is of excellent build quality despite it being a mid-range product.
  • The majority of users appreciate that the shoe is a good value for money for its remarkable performance.
  • The shoe's appealing style is eye-catching to a lot of track runners.
  • A couple of users have said that the shoe's spikes, although shorter than usual, are very effective on the track.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several athletes do not quite like the fact that the Adidas Distancestar fits a bit too tight when first worn.
  • Some reviewers claim the spike is not efficient enough in long-distance events.

Bottom line

The Adidas Distancestar has proved to be a fast and lightweight track shoe. Built for different types of track competition, most users like that the shoes were generally comfortable, durable, and primed for maximum performance.  The shoe's initial fit does have a few users doubting the overall appeal of the shoe, but this does not stop most track runners for choosing the Distancestar. These shoes do help in propelling the runner forward and help beat personal bests.

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Good to know

Use - The Distancestar is Adidas' versatile all-purpose athletic spike. Suitable for any distance from sprints, through middle distance and up to long-distance track running. The Distancestar is also great for beginner jumpers.

Spike Type - The shoe uses Pyramid spikes and has five spike recesses for optimum traction. Pyramid spikes proved to be excellent as competition track spikes. The spikes that come with the Distancestar is a set of five 6mm spikes and a spanner.

Spike Plate - The lightweight TPU Spike Plate provides a versatile yet responsive ride. It also guarantees a stiff ride for added propulsion.  

The Adidas Distancestar has bee designed to deliver optimum performance on the track, and one of its remarkable features is the TPU Spike Plate Outsole. Its material was engineered to be both durable and reliable material. It is also further enhanced with five spike recesses for a better grip on the track.

The TPU spike plate works in conjunction with the Pyramid Forefoot Spikes. These said spikes help in propelling the athlete forward at maximum speed. The spikes also come as replaceable. This guarantees that the shoe's lifespan can be extended further compared to track shoes with non-removable spikes. Having them replaceable means that ones the spikes have been worn down, it can just be replaced and the shoe will once again have fresh wear on them.

The Distancestar's outsole is also powered with the innovative Adiwear Rubber. An extremely durable non-marking rubber that helps in reducing wear and tear while offering excellent traction. This outsole material also provides optimal flexibility making every track race comfortable.

The Adidas Distancestar is available in men's and women's versions. This track running shoe's heel width runs narrow and has a toe box width that runs medium to narrow. The Distancestar, although released as a medium-sized width shoe, most users reviewed it as not true to size and that it fits large.  It is a good idea to go a half size larger than one's actual size. This will help in making sure the shoe will not be too tight or loose to fit.

The Distancestar's outsole is highly durable as it uses the TPU Plate. The TPU Plate is ideal for any weather condition, which makes these shoes great for dry or wet weather. Like the Distancestar, the Adidas Adizero Finesse also features a TPU spike plate.

The track shoe also features five spikes on the forefoot.  This feature allows the shoe to fully dig into the track surface and help the runner to propel forward faster. 

One of the technologies that are found in Distancestar's outsole is Adiwear. It reduces the wear and tear of the shoe, especially on the heel and off-toe areas. The Adiwear rubber delivers premium traction and flexibility that allows the runner to gain maximum speed momentum, especially around track corners without compromising stability and performance.

This Adidas track shoe incorporates an EVA midsole that provides lightweight cushioning, responsiveness, and support. All these essential features make the Distancestar ideal for either competing and training. The EVA midsole also helps in reducing the impact on the runner's feet while also offering reliable cushioning for maximum energy return during runs.

The Adidas Distancestar is engineered with an air mesh upper.  This upper material keeps the shoe extremely lightweight and breathable. It also allows good air circulation inside the shoe, keeping the runner's feet cool and well ventilated so that they can focus more on their competition. 

The shoe also offers a seamless toe cap feature to help prevent injuries such as bruising in the toe area.  The toe cap also makes the shoe more durable an long-wearing.

The Distancestar has a synthetic heel that holds the feet firmly in place while running.  And lastly, the shoe is finished off with vibrant colors and an Adidas logo on the heel side. 


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