Our verdict


The Adidas Dame 5 performs just the way Dame Lillard does in his games. It is almost the perfect package for hooping. There might be minor issues with the sizing for some buyers, but with the correct size, the support and lockdown are a sure win. It is only the beginning of the year, but some hoopers overhauled their rotation as they include the fabulous Adidas Dame 5.


  • Outstanding cushioning
  • Sleek black Chinese New Year colorway
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Accommodates ankle braces
  • Reliable traction
  • Well-fitting


  • Cheap-looking mesh upper
  • Unappealing design and colorways
  • Minor dusty court slippage

Who should buy the Adidas Dame 5

The Adidas Dame 5 is for you if:

  • A shoe that doesn't require any break-in period is what you are after.
  • You are after a basketball sneaker that has a strong grip, especially on clean court surfaces.
  • Footgear with a well-cushioned platform that shields your feet against impact is what you prefer. 
  • You love collecting footwear of the same model but in various colorways that match different outfits. 

Adidas Dame 5 Logo1

Profile of the Adidas Dame 5

The Dame 4 was titled the best Damian Lillard basketball shoe when it came out. Now that the Adidas Dame 5 is out, it takes over that leading title. These newly released Adidas basketball shoes have the combined attributes of the Dame 2, 3, and 4. It carries a full-length Bounce cushion for a great responsive experience. The herringbone pattern on the shoe’s outsole is the first in Dame Lillard’s line. Regardless of how clean or dusty the court is, the traction works like a champion. It just grips courts well. The upper is either made of mesh and suede, or full-length leather.

Adidas Dame 5 Profile1


Cushion. Just like the previous Damian Lillard basketball shoes, these Dame 5 shoes come with full-length Bounce. The responsiveness, impact protection, and energy return delivered by the Bounce cushioning meet Damian Lillard’s unique needs.

Adidas Dame 5 Midsole1

Traction. Depending on the colorway, these Dame 5 shoes come with light gum, gum, or solid rubber outsole. It boasts the trusted multidirectional herringbone traction pattern. Dusty courts are not a hindrance to the beastly performance of these Damian Lillard basketball shoes.

Adidas Dame 5 Outsole1


Length and Width. The Dame 5 comes in the standard Adidas length and width. When it comes to the actual sizing, there are mixed reports from wearers. Some say it is true to size; some say it is long and wide. New buyers are advised to fit the shoe in-store.

Adidas Dame 5 Fit1

Lockdown. Both sides of the Adidas Dame 5 have a thermal polyurethane panel that keeps feet in place. The lateral panel provides ample support. This also helps prevent foot slippage.

Adidas Dame 5 Fit2


Depending on the colorway, the Adidas Dame 5 comes in either of the two sets of uppers. Buyers can choose between the full leather, or the mesh and suede combo. The tongue, ankle collar, and inner walls of the Dame 5 are nicely padded for good and comfortable support. The sides of the shoe come with wide outriggers. These provide stability preventing ankle rolls.

Adidas Dame 5 Material1


The Adidas Dame 5 has a mid-top silhouette. With over nine colorways to choose from, wearers can enjoy mixing and matching their style with the Dame 5. These Adidas basketball shoes look great with basketball jerseys as well as long and short pants.

Adidas Dame 5 Style1

Special Colorways of the Adidas Dame 5

The fifth Damian Lillard basketball shoes are currently available in a range of colorways. Each colorway comes with a story and is briefly described below.

Adidas Dame 5 All Skate

Who says NBA stars do not roller skate? Spare Dame Lillard. This young man has plenty of talents outside the courts of the NBA. During the off-season, Dame hosts special events on roller rinks. One of them is the launch of his Dame 4 Glow in the Park colorway in November 2017. To honor Oakland’s skate culture, the All Skate colorway of the Dame 5 features a white upper with a red ankle collar. The multi-colored solid rubber outsole is filled with yellow-green, shock red, and white hues in a camouflage-like pattern. The Adidas Dame 5 All Skate is set to release on February 1, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 CNY

The Adidas Dame 5 CNY is released in two colorways:

  • Core Black/Footwear White/Scarlet
  • Scarlet/Core Black/Shock Red

The CNY colorways are available in Beijing, China in the first week of January 2019 for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The heel has the Adidas callout and logo. Below this is the “REN ZHE” callout and its equivalent Chinese character. In the Chinese culture, Ren Zhe means ninja and it pertains to Dame Lillard’s moves on the court.

Adidas Dame 5 CBC (MLK Day)

On Martin Luther King Day, Damian Lillard wore the Dame 5 CBC colorway. CBC means Celebrating Black Culture. The shoe comes in the Core Black/Shock Red/Active Purple combination. The heel comes with the “YKWTII MC CBC” callout. Before the official US release of the Adidas Dame 5, the CBC colorway is already available in Asia.

Adidas Dame 5 DameGoose

When Dame Lillard was a kid, his favorite bike was stolen. Luckily, he was able to get it back. Lillard said, “Somebody stole that bike, and I went searching. We went around the neighborhood and found it. You ain’t keeping this one. That’s ours." The bright yellow, red, and black colors of the Mongoose bike are now the colors of the DameGoose colorway. The Adidas Dame 5 DameGoose is scheduled to release on April 5, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 La Heem, The Dream

“La Heem is my alter ego. It’s a Muslim word, but it just started to cause my cousin would always say, La Heem. It [represents] the best of the best. It’s a Muslim word that means to be ahead of or to be passing. It’s kind of [become] my thing. It’s like everything else I do, I’m La Heem.” This is how Dame Lillard describes his self-esteem. The black and white shoe is accented with gold in the midsole. The Adidas Dame 5 La Heem, The Dream is released on May 3, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 People’s Champ

Every NBA player has off-court interests and they dedicate specific colorways to celebrate them. Paul George’s off-court pastime is to play video games, thus the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 colorways. As for Dame Lillard, he has the People’s Champ colorway that symbolizes his passion for boxing. The all-black shoe has red details on the midsole inspired by the Rip City colors. The heel has the “YKWTII MC PEOPLES CHAMP” callout. It comes with a mesh and suede upper, and a solid rubber outsole. The colorway is set to release on February 1, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 Suga Gee

It is not uncommon for successful NBA stars to dedicate a colorway to the important women in their lives. LeBron James shows love for his mother with the Gloria colorway. Derrick Rose has the Brenda colorway. As for Damian Lillard, he honors his mom Gina through the Suga Gee colorway. This rendition of the Dame 5 shoe features different shades of green, which is one of her favorite colors. The Adidas Dame 5 Suga Gee is released on March 1, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 YKWTII or You Know What Time It Is

Do you know what time it is (YKWTII)? It’s Dame Time! Dame Lillard is amazing at hitting clutch shots. The Portland Trail Blazers can depend on Lillard to score in crucial moments to win the game, reach a tie, or cut the lead. The YKWTII shoe has a clean white upper with a black tongue and ankle collar. The white midsole is detailed with black ripples. This version is complemented by a mix of pink and white on its solid rubber outsole. The Adidas Dame 5 YKWTII is released on February 1, 2019.

Adidas Dame 5 Colorways1