Profile of the Adidas Crossknit 2.0

Somewhat new as an independent brand, Adidas Golf continues to improve its products to better the performance of its athletes. An example of which is the Adidas Crossknit 2.0, an iteration of the well-loved Adidas Crossknit Boost. Though it retains most of its predecessor’s distinct features, the lacing system is one of the visible updates injected on the trainer. The elastic closure band adds flair to its overall look but more importantly, provides convenience to the user for an easy slip.


Torsion System. Flipping the shoe over instantly reveals the bridge-like connection of the forefoot and the heel, which is what the Torsion System is all about. Having that link helps stabilize the foot when swinging and walking.  

Puremotion outsole. Puremotion is embedded on the Crossknit 2.0’s spikeless outsole. The technology provides deep flex grooves to offer traction. When matched with strategically placed Adiwear, the outsole becomes more durable and wear-resistant.


Boost cushioning system. Because the responsive cushioning system comes useful for basic and advanced golf movements, more and more trainers can be seen utilizing the Boost. The full-length foamed midsole features an uncomplicated idea: the more energy one gives, the more one gets.


Lacing system. The promise of convenience is what the upgraded version of the Crossknit   about. The stretchable knitted upper and the elastic closure band allow a quick on and off slip. Complemented by the FitFoam GEO collar, the sock-like fit of the trainer ensures that cushion is placed on the ankles for a more comfortable fit. 

Circleknit upper. The upper of the Crossknit 2.0 is coated with CircleKnit, a material that is specifically engineered for lateral golf movements. Because it promotes breathability and comfort, it is ideal to use this trainer in dry conditions and during summer.

Adidas Crossknit 2.0 Style

The Three Stripes recognizes that fashion and golf cannot be separated. For the longest time, leather and saddles have dominated the course, but the recent years have introduced the sneaker-like looks.

The Crossknit 2.0 is an epitome of a street-fashioned golf shoe. The knitted upper is a material that tops the list of fashion magazines and with recent times, complements the palate of fashion-savvy golfers.

Additional Info

  • The elastic closure band is complemented by forefoot PU welds, which boosts the stability of the shoe.


The current trend of Adidas Crossknit 2.0.
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