Adidas Copa Sense+ FG: Just feeling it better

Kicking to score a goal is at the foundation of any successful soccer campaign. When the opportunity to earn a point comes, Adidas doesn't it to go to waste. Hence, the Adidas Copa Sense+ is equipped with features that improve touch, fit, and ultimately kicking effectiveness:

K-leather. The forefoot area of the upper is made of soft and durable kangaroo leather. The material's softness allows this part to conform to the foot more, giving the player more control over their kicks and footwork.

Touchpods. On the forefoot area of the upper are Touchpods that help absorb impact for a more comfortable feel even during the most aggressive dribbles and kicks.

Sensepods. On the inner wall of the heel area are Sensepods that help ensure a secure fit, which in turn make every kick more precise and forceful.

Laceless closure. The shoe is completely laceless so as not to add any distraction during kicks and sprints.

Copa Sense+: Leader of the pack

Like many Adidas soccer cleats, the Copa Sense model comes in many different versions, the Adidas Copa Sense+ being the most premium. Besides the techs discussed in the previous section, this soccer shoe also has top-notch Primeknit in the upper.

There are scaled-down versions such as the Adidas Copa Sense.1 and Copa Sense.2 that use less flashy shoe technologies. Nevertheless, these variants do not sacrifice performance and are still worthy companions in the pitch.


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