Who should buy the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG

This Adidas soccer cleat is great for the following:

  • buyers with a generous budget
  • soccer players who want a shoe that's particularly great for passing
  • athletes who prefer light and comfortable low-tops that also look great

Who should NOT buy this soccer cleat from Adidas

The Adidas Copa Sense+ is not for players with sensitive skin since this shoe takes time before it gets properly broken in. To avoid getting painful blisters, they may want to try the Adidas X Speedflow+. If they are willing to check out cleats from other brands, the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG is a good start.

Wear the Adidas Copa Sense+ and feel comfortable all over

This soccer cleat is made of top-quality materials such as kangaroo leather. After breaking it in, it starts to feel really great on foot. In fact, experts who are fond of Adidas soccer cleats say that "comfort has always been key and the Sense is no different."

On the forefoot area of the upper are Touchpods that help absorb impact for a more comfortable feel even during the most aggressive dribbles and kicks.

This shoe is really light

Even if the Copa Sense+ has a thick soleplate, it still does not weigh so much. In fact, it feels so light that you start to "feel as if you're not actually wearing boots at all."

Support and lockdown are never an issue with this one

The upper material itself is already very supportive; but on the inner wall of the heel area, there are Sensepods that help ensure a secure fit, which in turn make every kick more controlled and forceful.

An amazing touch is a priority for the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG

The feel of the upper is a lot better than most soccer cleats, so kicks and shots are more precise. Aside from being soft, the upper also allows the ball to be more "in tune" with different areas of your foot. This makes the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG great for making and receiving passes.

In addition to that, the shoe is completely laceless so there is practically no distraction during kicks and sprints.

A snug fit that's perfect for runs and kicks

This shoe wraps around the foot quite nicely. In fact, soccer players report that the Adidas Copa Sense+ has a "tight, comfortable fit," pretty much like a glove.

Wanna play in style? Choose the Copa Sense+ FG

The forefoot area of the upper is made of soft and durable kangaroo leather that easily conforms to the foot. This results in a pretty streamlined look that many players are happy with.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 261g
Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Adidas Copa
Lacing System: Laceless
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Release date: Feb 2021

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra
Akshay Kumar Malhotra

Akshay is a former professional soccer player turned sports journalist. His passion for the sport led him to start writing about it, and he is now a published author across various sports websites, featured on TheSportster and Sportskeeda among others. After he retired from the Singapore professional soccer scene, Akshay formed his own amateur soccer club FC Banterbury, initially just for laughs. Safe to say, soccer is an integral part of Akshay's life, and soccer cleats in particular are an obsession for him.