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  • While the Adidas Copa 19+ Trainer soccer cleat is designed for streetwear, it does not mean it lacks the quality technologies found in cleats created for the soccer field. Hitting the right notes in terms of fashion and comfort, this pair is not your run-of-the-mill casual shoe. Through a textured suede upper, Adidas has managed to capture a luxurious look without going over-the-top. The comfort aspect of the shoe is taken care of by its specialized cushioning system. Specifically, the shoe makes use of Adidas Boost. This cushion is created by applying heat to classic TPU, causing it to expand.  Physically, the foam looks like capsules that are molded together. It is designed for not only a cushioned feel but also responsiveness.
  • A suede upper also optimizes fit through its soft feel.  An adaptive lacing system is integrated into the soccer shoe’s mono-tongue area, which is flexible enough to adapt to the shape of the wearer’s foot.
  • For traction, a rubber-based soleplate is used. This area has been designed to adapt to the ever changing surfaces of the streets.

The Adidas Copa 19+ Trainers bring a comfortable fit through its soft suede upper. The pair is available in men’s standard sizes that range from 6 to 11. A traditional lacing system is placed at the central part of the upper to allow fit personalization. A mono-tongue design maximizes fit as it adapts to the natural contours of the wearer’s foot.

A suede upper is used in the construction of the Adidas Copa 19+ Trainers. The material a common feature among streetwear. This is unsurprising as it delivers softness and comfort, hugging the foot of the user. Not only does the material cater to fit, but it is also known for its durability.

To make a more personalized fit, a central lacing system is included in the shoe’s construction. The fit is also personalized through a mono-tongue element designed to conform to the wearer’s foot shape. A pull-tab in the heel area allows for more ease of access.

Responsiveness and comfort are the words that come to mind when it comes to the pair’s Boost technology. The material is created out of several expanded TPU capsules that have been heated and molded together. This setup drives more energy return.

Additionally, a foam counter is also incorporated into the soccer cleat to increase the amount of comfort that it provides.

The rubber outsoles of the Adidas Copa 19+ Trainer soccer cleats deliver traction and grip on varied surfaces. The traction pattern is composed of diamond-shaped cutouts.

  • The Adidas Copa 19+ Trainer is available in a number of colorways including Core Black/ DGH Solid Grey/Solar Yellow, Off White/FTWR White/Solar Red, and Maroon/Gold Met.
  • This model has variations for other court types.

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