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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of users of the Adidas Copa 17.1 soft ground soccer cleat shared that the pair brings a comfortable fit.
  • A significant number of wearers also disclosed that this soccer cleat model offers an excellent aesthetic.  
  • A few customers were excited to share that they are on their second pair of this soft ground soccer cleats
  • The Adidas Copa 17.1 soft ground soccer cleat is reasonably priced according to some commenters.
  • One reviewer shared that the soft ground pair brings a good fit.
  • A customer was quick to point out that the Adidas Copa 17.1 Soft Ground soccer cleat is lightweight which directly results in more speed.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One user pointed out a durability issue with the Adidas Copa 17.1 SG deteriorating after just a couple months of use.

Bottom line

It seems that the Adidas brand brought their A-game when they designed the Adidas Copa 17.1 SG soccer cleat. Not only did the pair hit the right pitch in terms of aesthetic but the fit has also been widely praised by the majority of the shoe’s reviewers. There is only but one customer who pointed out a durability issue. Overall, this stunner of a soccer cleat serves players with the right amount of lightweight comfort during soft ground plays.

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Good to know

A lethal combination of control and fit is what the Adidas Copa 17.1 soft ground soccer cleat can offer its wearers. Similar to the Puma One 18.1 K-leather FG which uses a kangaroo leather material, the upper of this cleat snugly hugs the player’s foot as it brings a soft feel.

The sock-like fit is further reinforced through a foam element in the sockliner as well as the heel area. Additionally, the material slowly stretches over time molding into the shape of the wearer’s foot shape.

A lacing system found at the center of the shoe enhances the fit. A longer-than-average burrito style tongue also brings an interesting twist to the shoe’s look. It has somewhat a similar vibe to the New Balance Furon 4.0 Pro Firm Ground cleat.

Traction in soft ground courts is ensured with Adidas’ Total Control soleplate. The soleplate bears that of an eleven-stud configuration designed to deliver grip while maintaining a lightweight feel in soft ground courts.

Creating an excellent touch and control, the kangaroo leather that makes up the upper of the Adidas Copa 17.1 soft ground soccer cleat. While bringing a soft hugging sensation, the material slowly stretches and shapes over time into the wearer's foot. This, in turn, creates a personalized fit. The soccer cleat is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from sizes 6 to 8.  A central lacing system is incorporated into the tongue area to allow for more customizability in fit.

Putting to use Adidas’ Total Control technology, the soleplate has an eleven-stud configuration. Using a variety of stud types, the forefoot utilizes four aluminum studs and three conical studs. The heel area, furthermore, incorporates two aluminum studs paired with two conical ones. This stud configuration is designed to bring maximum traction in soft ground courts.

The Adidas Copa 17.1 Soft Ground soccer cleat spared no expense in its upper construction. This soccer cleat model makes use of a kangaroo leather material that envelops the player’s foot, bringing a soft yet secure sensation during play. As this leather type is also known for its flexibility, this element stretches and molds to the player’s foot shape over time.

Enhancing the fit is a central lacing system that allows for a more customized fit. While the shoe has a burrito-shaped tongue, it extends almost in line with the ankle area. At the edge of the tongue rests a bold red Adidas logo. Supplementing this is a three stripes sign also manages to stand out at the medial side of the shoe.

  • The Adidas Copa 17.1 Soft Ground soccer cleat is available in the core black and solar red colorway.  
  • Upon purchasing, this model includes two aluminum replacement studs as well as a stud key.

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