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7 reasons to buy

  • The sock-like fit of the upper is deemed comfortable by almost all of the users.
  • Many owners appreciate the grippy outsole of the Combat Speed 4 because it allowed them to move quickly on the mat.
  • The light and flexible construction of this Adidas wrestling trainer has impressed a good number of reviewers.
  • The striking colors of this product appeal to droves of consumers.
  • Plenty of athletes value the versatility of this model because it can be used for other indoor contact sports like boxing and mixed martial arts.
  • According to multiple wrestlers, the high-top construction provides them with exemplary ankle support.
  • The flat outsole delivers stability, says a lot of folks.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several people are dismayed by the durability of the strap; it quickly lost its elasticity or tore off when being tightened.
  • Because of the suede on the outsole, some buyers are disappointed that they can’t use this wrestling footgear outdoors.
  • The upper is made of materials that easily get scuffed or dirty, which a few individuals are unhappy about.

Bottom line

There are many laudable qualities in the Adidas Combat Speed 4, which include the supportive ankle and lightweight construction. Its grippy outsole and attractive design are also appealing to many people. However, this merchandise’s durability is found to be disappointing by critics. But in the end, this pair exceeds the expectations of a lot of wrestlers.

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Good to know

Strength and agility are what will get you the win on the mat, and what better tool to use than the Adidas Combat Speed 4. Though the model has received several upgrades in its past iterations, Adidas returned to its roots when it came to aesthetics. The old-school look of this pair of wrestling shoes makes it pleasing to look at. It features a breathable mesh top with a sock-like fit, a split-sole outsole that provides grip and slide, and a thin layer of midsole for comfort.

There’s not much difference between these two models except for the synthetic overlay design. The Adidas Combat Speed 5 uses more overlays, especially in the quarters. They add more foothold during lateral movements. Meanwhile, both models employ a split sole outsole, a very thin insole, and a breathable mesh top. The Integral Support Strap is still present on the 5th version, rendering better foot lockdown and ankle support.

The underside of the Combat Speed 4 features the split sole construction. This Adidas wrestling footwear uses a combination of suede and rubber. Rubber is placed on the heel and the forefoot. They bare tread patterns that enhance the grip on mats.

On the other hand, the suede element that wraps the rest of the bottom reduces traction. It helps the foot slide when needed. So, if you’re caught in a lockdown, you can easily glide your foot to get out of it, and hopefully, get the upper hand.

Inside this wrestling trainer is the die-cut EVA midsole. This thin foam layer provides a comfortable footbed. It also prevents the foot from sliding inside the footwear. Its flimsy nature keeps the underside pliable, mimicking the barefoot experience and allowing the foot to move naturally.

The top is made of a single-layer mesh. It is soft, allowing it to hug the foot like a sock. It is also breathable, which helps regulate moisture and temperature in the foot chamber.

Suede and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) overlays cover high-wear areas of the upper. They line the quarters, the eyestay, and the bottom portion of the top. They protect against abrasion when the shoe comes in contact with the mat, or during lace adjustments. They also help in foot containment and support.

A traditional lacing system can be found on the midfoot. It aids in customized fit adjustments. There is also the Integral Support Strap near the ankle. Aside from locking the foot down, it enhances ankle support. It also serves as a lace garage that tucks the shoestrings, preventing them from unraveling during a match.

How Combat Speed 4 compares

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This shoe: 200g
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