Profile of the CodeChaos BOA

Pushing the boundaries has always been in the Three Stripes' vocabulary. The release of the CodeChaos BOA is a perfect example of this.


The CodeChaos BOA utilizes a spikeless outsole. To ensure maximum grip on both hazards and greens, the brand equips it with soft rubber TwistGrip and Traxion. 

Motion Control. The Twist Grip is a proprietary technology that is an outcome of studying golfers' weight shift and distribution during a motion swing. The front area of the shoe is positioned with a TPU insert to produce excellent traction without the use of spikes. 

Uniquely-shaped lugs. Working in tandem with the TwistGrip system is the Traxion. It is an outsole design that lessens the pressure points on foot. Compared to traditional spikes, the studs are tapered to guarantee that it holds the ground. 


Energy Return. Dominating the middle portion of the shoe is the Boost midsole. As the most responsive cushioning system that the Three Stripes is boasting, golfers can highly enjoy the responsive feel, especially when walking through the entire 18 holes.


Maximum movement. What coats the CodeChaos BOA is a Primeknit material with a textile collar. The high-top build hugs the entire foot extending it beyond the ankles. Through this, freedom on the ankles is not compromised. The upper is also coated with waterproof protection.

Fit and lacing system. The sock-like fit and feel of the shoe, which is elevated by the INSITE sockliner, is complemented by the L6 BOA Fit System. It secures unfailing foot lockdown. Moreover, turning the dial enables loosening and tightening the shoe in a snap. 

Coating the product with waterproof protection covers usual criticism of the Primeknit- allowing water to seep inside.

Adidas CodeChaos BOA Style

What separates the Adidas CodeChaos BOA from all the existing golf shoes is its look. Though its design is not Avante Garde, the high top construction adds to its peculiar look. The silhouette easily stands out without effort because low cut shoes dominate the course. 

The basketball-inspired look sports a horizontal pattern and a muted Three Stripes on the sides of the forefoot. The BOA lacing system and the thinness of the cords add to its minimalist look.

Nice to know

  • Other silhouettes that were released simultaneously with the BOA are the Adidas CodeChaos and Adidas CodeChaos Sport.


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