Size and fit

This Busenitz Pro model has an arrow-shaped toe box inspired by the Copa Mundial soccer shoe, thus this pair is a little bit narrow compared to other skateboard shoes of Adidas. It was inserted with a well-cushioned insole and the collar lining has the soft foam GeoFit for added comfort. Meanwhile, the heels are slightly elevated than the toe for enhanced protection and style. The Adidas Busenitz Pro is being offered exclusively in men’s size.

Adidas Busenitz Pro Style

Stylists and conventional thrashers have come up with ways on how to style their Busenitz Pro pair by altering the remarkable long tongue. The first is simply by wearing it and keeping the tongue as it is. The second is by folding the long tongue and tie the lace behind or over the folded tongue.  And the third way is to cut the tongue along the outline provided.

This Busenitz Pro pair is also a little pointy which makes it perfect for flip tricks. Thrashers usually pair these pointy sneakers with baggy jeans, oversized tees, and a trucker hat. This design has safely crossed the bridge that discerns sportswear from casual wear.

Notable Features

Busenitz Pro has a long tongue compared to the usual other shoes available in the market. It has dotted lines on the inside of the tongue which will serve as your guide on where to cut. This allows you to personalize the length of the tongue and have the “Busenitz Light” or you may keep it that way.  

Adidas Busenitz Pro History

Adidas has developed to become one of the biggest manufacturers of sports apparel since they started way back in 1949. In the middle 1990s, they commenced their Skateboarding Footwear line which is composed of various team riders. This line was reintroduced in the mid-2000s and named it Adidas Skateboarding with solid team members, namely Mark Gonzalez, Tim O’Connor, and Dennis Busenitz.

Dennis Busenitz is a 31-year-old professional skater, who used to live in Munich, Germany. He has been photographed many times using a soccer jersey for endorsements and that only showed that he is into soccer sports. When Adidas tapped Busenitz to become a part of their Skateboarding line, his only conditions were to use a cupsole instead of a vulcanized shoe because he wanted to be different from most of the other existing shoes at that time. Most of all, he wanted a soccer-based shoe as a big part of the project.

He was involved in the conceptualizing and designing part and took inspiration from his favorite soccer cleat and transformed it into a street-ready skate shoe. He created an arrow-shaped toebox and the stitching in the front foot area, a layout motivated by the soccer classic shoe Copa Mundial.

Additional Info

  • It has a molded Polyurethane sockliner for added comfort and protection.
  • A soft foam GeoFit Collar lining increases stability on the ankle.
  • There’s an external heel stabilizer that provides additional medial stability.
  • It has a light rubber cupsole with deep tread patterns which enhances the board feel and protects the wearer when skating on stair sets. The cupsole is well cushioned for protection during a hard landing.
  • It has plastic heel cup inserts that hold the ankle in the proper position.
  • This shoe also comes in an eco-friendly version. Expect this version to have an upper made up of recycled materials. 

Facts / Specs

Base model: Adidas Busenitz
Style: Sporty, Minimalist, Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collaboration: Dennis Busenitz
Collection: Adidas Skateboarding, Adidas Originals
Closure: Laces

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