Profile of the Adidas Barricade Club

Shoes under the Adidas Barricade line are known for their stability attribute and have been giving tennis players the winning edge. Some of the pro players who have aced their games in Barricade shoes are Novak Djokovic, Andy Murry, Caroline Wozniacki, Marat Safin, among several others.  

Much of the comfort, support, and stability that are attached to this famous tennis shoe line by Adidas are incorporated into the newer version, the Adidas Barricade Club. This fresher breed comes with a breathable and lightweight top for an unrestricted coverage on the various tennis courts.

Though the Barricade Club weighs much lighter than several shoes from the series, this dependable footgear is loaded with supportive attributes. A TPU foil wrapping that runs along all sides of the shoe is a source of stability. But the core strength of this tennis footwear is on the shaft in the midsole that provides proper balance at every lunge and even at lengthy rallies. 


Rubber type. This part of the shoe that gets in direct contact with the court surface is pieced together using a tough-wearing Adiwear rubber. Such underfoot feature by the Three Stripes can resist wearing even when consistently exposed to different court layouts. 

Tread and pivot disc. The herringbone tread pattern on this shoe appears in V-shaped grooves which efficiently keep a strong foothold on hard court. The men’s version has a pivot disc beneath the medial forefoot which facilitates in twisting and spinning. It helps alleviate foot and knee discomfort during changes in direction.


Support. The midfoot shaft is the focal point of most Barricade shoes. And for the Adidas Barricade Club, it’s the 3D Torsion system that’s responsible for providing superior lateral stability. This thermoplastic arch grants medium arch support.

The primary function of the Torsion chassis is to keep the rear foot stable and forefoot flexible during movement on the court. It is also devised to provide a reasonable foot control during jumps and slides by preventing improper flexing of the arch.

Cushioning. Typically, the heel section of Barricade shoes gets an enhanced amount of padding to cushion the heel from impact. However, for the Barricade Club, Adidas utilizes a heel-to-toe Adiprene + for a heightened level of support and energy return. 

The remaining sections of the midsole are constructed with lightweight EVA foam which helps in delivering long-term cushioning.  The sufficient amount of padding in this shoe makes it apparently an ideal choice when recovering from a foot injury.


Breathability. A lightweight mesh material covers the entire upper while another net-like fabric is lined in the interior to provide maximum breathability. 

Stability and Durability. There are a couple of components integrated into the upper that help promote balance and longevity. Specifically, these features are the abrasion-resistant Adituff and the supportive 360-degree TPU foil. 

The Adituff overwraps the toe and medial forefoot that grant the assurance of longer life, preventing immediate wear. It also helps protect the foot against injuries caused by toe drags during slides, serves, volleys, and lateral cuts. 

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foil is an added sheet that’s infused to the perimeter of the mesh upper. This laminated sheet, layered right above the midsole, protects the shoe from abrasion while boosting steadiness in the heel. 

Additional Info

  • Adidas’ Barricade Club comes with a removable insole and provides room for orthotic inserts.
  • This shoe is one of the lightest in the Barricade collection.


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