Who should buy the Adidas Avacourt

You will enjoy the Avacourt if you prefer a well-cushioned shoe that requires no breaking in. 

In the words of a tennis shoe expert, the Avacourt “sits perfectly” between the Barricade, the Ubersonic, and the StellaCourt. She describes it as “faster and more streamlined” than the Stella Court but offering “more support, cushion, and stability” than the Ubersonic.

Adidas Avacourt who is it for

Who should not buy this tennis shoe

If you are an aggressive player who wears through shoes just like that, you may want to consider a shoe with a tougher outsole and toe guard. Here are some models from the same class and price range as the Avacourt:

No break-in needed, comfy straight from the box!

Both tennis shoe experts and athletes come to agree that the Adidas Avacourt feels good and fits well from the start.

The sizing runs true for the vast majority, while the toebox offers a good amount of space. Even those with narrower feet say that it is roomy without being too much. Some also mentioned that the shoe fits the same as all lof their previous Adidas tennis shoes.

Adidas Avacourt fit

Tongue could be a problem

More than a few ladies complained about the tongue being too long and coming up higher than normal. Some didn’t feel bothered by it at all but for others, it became a disaster. The feedback ranges from “a little scratchy” to “cutting into my ankle.”

The best remedy for most was to wear tall socks to prevent irritation.

Adidas Avacourt tongue

Laces are way too long

“So long it’s borderline ridiculous,” reports one of the reviewers. A few more ladies chimed in as well, saying that they had to use a double knot.

Lasting comfort of the Adidas Avacourt

Even some of the seasoned tennis shoe testers claim that the Avacourt became either their top pick of 2022 or the most comfortable tennis shoe they’ve ever tried from Adidas.

One thing that many players noticed firsthand is that they got no blisters, no pinching, and no discomfort whatsoever. “First shoe that doesn’t hurt my feet,” says one of the wearers. 

Also, those who normally want to take their tennis shoes off as soon as the practice is over actually wore the Avacourt for hours afterward! “Find myself wearing them well after my court time is over,” an athlete reports. She calls it one of the surefire signs of the shoe’s above-average comfort.

Adidas Avacourt comfort

Cushioned goodness on the court

Adidas’ Bounce Pro cushioning left many wearers of the Avacourt happy. Some fo them compared the experience to “using two soft cushions,” “walking on a cloud,” and “wearing bedroom slippers.”

The most avid players who have tried lots of tennis shoes loved the Avacourt for the balance of softness and responsiveness. As one of them shares, she “felt supported in all [her] movements.”

Adidas Avacourt bounce cushioning

A little lighter than average

The Avacourt also surprises with its weight - 11 oz (312 g). It is a little below average among women’s tennis shoes which is 11.2 oz (318 g). That way, the Avacourt is in the upper range of lightweight tennis shoes for women.

The reviewers definitely felt it, commenting that the shoe feels very light on the foot. Some even forgot about wearing the shoe at all.

Adidas Avacourt lightweight

Durability has room for improvement in the Adidas Avacourt

A smaller group of testers reported “little-to-no wear” and “plenty of life left” in the shoe. These ladies had used the shoe for about 15+ hours, or 3 weeks, on average.

But the majority of users experienced durability issues with the Avacourt, sooner or later. For some, it was just a few times before the outsole ripped off or they noticed a tear on the upper. Others had played the shoe for about 3 months before they considered it no longer wearable. They too found most wear in the outsole and the toe guard:

  • “the heel of each shoe is already worn smooth” 
  • “no tread left” in addition to outsole separating and toe drag holes

Adidas Avacourt durability

Traction is fantastic! Hard and clay court

Based on the general feedback, the athletes are happy with the shoe’s grip. It is described to be on the sticky side. “I felt confident moving quickly,” says a professional player.

Warning: not for hot weather

“A little hot compared to other shoes,” comments a wearer. In fact, none of the reviewers talks about the Avacourt’s breathability in a positive way. It appears to be a hot shoe.

Adidas Avacourt breathability

A-game on the aesthetics

You can’t go wrong on the looks, donning a pair of the Adidas Avacourt. More than a few ladies happily reported receiving lots of compliments on the court when wearing the shoe. They love the overall appeal of the shoe as well as the mix of colors and patterns.

The only downside is if you plan to wear the shoe on clay courts, be prepared that clay pieces are going to get stuck in between the upper layers. Unfortunately, “after trying multiple cleaning techniques the shoes still look just as dirty,” states one of the wearers.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 11oz
Shoe Type: All Court, Clay Court, Hard Court
Features: Lightweight
Construction: Cushioned
Material: Mesh
BRAND Brand: Adidas
SKUs: GV9527 / GV9616 / GW6264 / GW6265 / GX6333 / GX7814 / GZ0690 / GZ3750 / GZ5919 / HQ8404

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