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7 reasons to buy

  • Majority of users like the Alphaedge 4D's midsole performance, saying that it is well balanced and delivers perfect energy return.
  • The shoe's Primeknit upper is much appreciated by the users for being very well perforated, making their feet feel cool even when they are running on hot weather.
  • A lot of users express how great the traction and grip is from the shoe's Continental Rubber outsole.
  • Many users have commented on how the shoe's midsole feels firm in the right places, yet other parts of it are flexible and soft where it is needed.
  • Most users praise the Alphaedge 4D as an outstanding running shoe with capabilities to be used for any type of running.
  • A lot of the runners likes the shoe's reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • The Adidas Alphaedge 4D's unique and appealing style is eye-catching to a lot of users.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A lot of wearers are not happy that the Alphaedge 4D's selling price is too expensive.
  • It is mentioned by a number of users that the shoe's 3D printed midsole is a bit problematic to clean when the dirt gets inside the columns.
  • A handful of users notes that the shoe's weight is on the heavier side for a running shoe.

Bottom line

The Adidas Alphaedge 4D is an innovative running shoe that is designed to offer the comfort and support that a runner needs. All the features and technologies that this shoe is engineered with allows it to provide wearers with the security and functionality that they need. The shoe also comes with a 3D printed Futurecraft midsole which provides a more reactive and dynamic cushioning. Overall, despite the undeniably steep price, the Adidas Alphaedge 4D is well worth the money. It is recommended by most users for its unique style aesthetic and remarkable cushioning performance.

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Good to know

- The Adidas Alphaedge 4D is a futuristic running shoe that has been designed guided by years of athlete data. It is an innovative running shoe that delivers a unique and very interesting running experience. The Alphaedge 4D propels the runner into a realm of more future-forward technology. Adidas uses the Aramis 3D motion capture system which maps the runner’s movements to create a fit without pressure points of irritation.

- The most significant feature to the Alphaedge 4D is its Futurecraft found in the shoe’s midsole. It is a shoe technology that is unlike any other technology out in the market. It is a revolutionary 4D Digital Light Synthesis process that was developed by Adidas to ensure high-performance comfort. 

- This Adidas running shoe was made for cross-training, and it uses the Primeknit upper with strategically placed stitching to provide support where it is needed the most. It wraps the foot with an engineered fit for more targeted support that enhances the runner’s movement. The stitched in support zones are heat-pressed, TPU coated fibers that are stitched in the shoe to provided targeted support and lightweight durability.

The Adidas Alphaedge 4D incorporates the Continental Rubber into its outsole. It offers excellent traction and a resilient grip. The continental rubber is inspired by tire technology which has unparalleled traction on wet and dry surfaces, making the runner secure with his or her footing during the ride. It also protects the feet during the impact, minimizing the risk of injuries while also improving performance at the same time. 

The Alphaedge 4D was designed to create and control the energy that is why the shoe’s midsole was developed to provide high performance and comfort. Seventeen years of athlete data were studied in programming the Alphaedge 4D. The shoe’s midsole guarantees stability, support, comfort, and cushioning as the runner powers through their ride or training. 

The shoe’s midsole is powered by Futurecraft midsole. It is a unique shoe technology designed by Adidas in partnership with a Silicon Valley-based technology company called Carbon. The Futurecraft 4D was designed using Digital Light Synthesis in which light and oxygen turn liquid resins into a rugged, flexible base. They have engineered the physical midsole of the Alphaedge 4D to provide the ultimate personalized experience for all types of users. 

This neutral running shoe also has a heel zone that offers optimum cushioning. It absorbs and disperses shocks, which help reduces the impact on the foot, preventing any injury.

The Alphaedge 4D’s forefoot zone has also been structured to enhance forward motion, propelling the runner forward while increasing energy.

Lastly, the shoe’s transition zone makes sure that there is a smoother heel to toe transition for a more energized and dynamic ride.

The Adidas Alphaedge 4D's upper sports a futuristic design thanks to the use of Primeknit material. This material encases each foot in breathable comfort, and with its seamless construction, the Primeknit provides an irritation-free fit avoiding unwanted blisters while wearing the shoes. It is also lightweight and designed with motion in mind that is why this upper material adapts to the changing shape of the runner's foot throughout the gait cycle. 

The Primeknit upper also features stitched-in support zones which offer targeted support in areas where it is needed most. The Alphaedge 4D's Primeknit is constructed using a forged mesh which helps the upper of the shoe provide an abundance of flexibility, breathability, and support.

The perforations in the Primeknit upper do not only determine levels of support, but it also increases ventilation so that the feet remain cool, dry, and comfortable at all times. The mesh allows fresh air to circulate inside the shoe while, at the same time pushing hot, muggy air out to escape; creating a perfect microclimate for the runner's feet to thrive in.

The shoe's upper also guarantees lightweight durability and a secure, locked-in fit which is achieved with the lace closure system, avoiding shoe slippage. 

Lastly, it has a heel tab that helps with the easy on and off of the shoe.


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