Verdict from 10 experts and +100 user reviews

7 reasons to buy

  • Almost all reviewers noticed how comfortable the shoe felt.
  • Plenty of users were impressed with the shoe’s design. According to them, it looked fresh and fashionable.
  • A few testers mentioned that the level of support the shoe delivered was suitable for long-distance runs.
  • Most found the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond to be functional. Most used it for different activities – going to the gym, doing HIIT, and every day walking.
  • Many thought that the fit was true to size.
  • A good number of users appreciated the wide platform.
  • Plenty of runners said that the shoe was of good value.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some users said that the shoe did not provide a lot of arch support.
  • One user observed that the midsole was not as cushioned as he thought it would be.
  • Another user noticed that the soles were rounded. Side to side stability wasn’t as good because of the shape of the platform.
  • The shoe looked a bit clunky, said a reviewer.
  • A runner mentioned that he had difficulty getting into the shoe. No matter how loose the shoelaces were, the heel opening was still too tight for him to slip his foot in easily.

Bottom line

The Adidas Alphabounce Beyond is a mid-priced neutral running road shoe that most reviewers found to be multi-functional yet fashionable. There were those who observed the midsole shape wasn’t ideal for side to side stabilization. Others said that it did not have enough arch support. However, many still appreciated the trainer for being stylish and multi-functional, at the same time delivering good value.

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Good to know

  • The upper is made up of a seamless Forgedmesh which has areas of support and flexibility. It has been reinforced in all the right areas but allows a good amount of stretching and expanding on other areas that need it. This feature is also present in the shoe's base version, the Adidas Alphabounce.
  • The Bounce cushioning technology is found on the midsole. It gives runners a good amount of cushioning and comfort. In addition to this benefit, it also delivers decent flexibility while in motion.
  • Fitcounter, Adidas’ molded heel counter, is a feature that holds the heel in place. It doesn’t allow excessive movement, but it does permit the Achilles to move just enough to give way to a runner’s natural movement optimally.
  • The durability of the outsole is due to the material it is made of. The rubber compound is called Continental rubber. It can withstand tough road conditions, plus deliver good traction on wet and dry surfaces.

The Adidas Alphabounce Beyond is available in standard running shoe lengths. Runners who are interested in owning a pair can make use of their usual running shoe sizes. The same goes for the width. It is available in B – medium and D – medium, for women and men respectively.

The shoe may have been designed for the road, but the material the outsole is made of can withstand tough conditions. It is called Continental rubber, and it runs the shoe’s full-length. Interestingly, this technology was meant for high-performance tires. However, the collaboration between Adidas and Continental produced a sole material that enhances grip and traction on wet or dry surfaces by 15% to 30%.

On the midsole is Adidas’ Bounce technology. It is a cushioning material that’s springier and more responsive compared to standard foams. Structured components allow the platform to expand when pressure is applied. As soon as the pressure is lifted, it springs back into its original shape, helping the runner to power forward.

The seamless Forgedmesh covers the dorsum part of the foot. Key parts of this upper material were specifically engineered to provide support. Other areas were designed so they provided the foot with flexibility. The combination of these engineered areas makes runners feel like the shoe was custom-fitted, providing reinforcement and flexibility in the right areas.

The heel is minimally stabilized by an extra plastic insert called the Fitcounter. It helps to anchor the foot to the shoe. Heel counters have varying firmness. This particular one has just the right amount of firmness to allow the heel and foot to move optimally.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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