Who should  buy the Adidas Alphaboost Parley

You will love the Adidas Alphaboost Parley if:

  • You want a lightweight, eco-friendly neutral shoe to use for all-day wear, walking, or jogging
  • You want a stylish running shoe that’s designed for flat surfaces like the asphalt

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Notable elements of the Adidas Alphaboost Parley

- The Adidas Alphaboost Parley is performance apparel that’s designed for flat surfaces. The sole unit is fashioned using a full-length boost™ unit that has been enhanced to be twice as dense as the regular variant. Stability pods are added to the lateral forefoot and medial side of the heel for steadiness. A layer of rubber covers the midsole technology, shielding it from the abrasive nature of the ground.

- Serving as the cover system is a mesh that is breathable and durable. The yarns that make up this fabric is derived from plastic taken from the sea and recycled. Bolstering the fit is a set of printed eyestays and ribbed patterns that are indicative of Adidas’ own Forgedmesh design.

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Size and fit

The Adidas Alphaboost Parley was constructed using standard measurements. When it comes to size, the obtainable options adhere to the expectations of consumers. Half and full sizes are available. It is worth noting that being able to achieve a pleasant in-shoe experience would benefit from initial testing of the shoe or visitation to online pages for user reviews.

Widthwise, the variants are D - Medium and B - Medium for men and women, respectively. The runners who have low or medium-foot dimensions are the ones who are likely to have a blast with the fit.

The semi-curved shape of the lasting board is meant to mimic the natural curvature of the human foot, thereby helping to achieve an accommodating wrap.

Experience precise movements with the Adidas Alphaboost Parley outsole

The outsole unit of the Adidas Alphaboost Parley is made of Continental™ rubber, a compound that is commonly used for the tires of cars. This layer is designed to protect the midsole from the abrasive nature of the surfaces while also remaining durable enough to last long.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 3

A zigzag pattern of non-prominent traction nodes heightens the grip capacity of the external pad. Such inclusion allows the movements to be precise and confident, causing acts like swerving, turning, and braking to be quickly and effortlessly done.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 4

Get reliable support while on the move with the Adidas Alphaboost Parley midsole

The midsole unit of the Adidas Alphaboost Parley is comprised of dual-density boost™. This feature is made from the amalgamation of thousands of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets. It runs the whole length of the shoe, giving support to the foot as it stands idly or as it moves through the gait cycle. The extra density is for underfoot steadiness and protection from wobbling. 

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 5

The sides of the boost™ platform have raised portions that act as elements that prevent the destabilization of the midfoot. They’re not exclusively meant to correct pronation; they’re designed to keep the foot at the middle and prevent it from quivering during the run.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 7

A sockliner is placed right above the main cushioning system. This add-on is tasked with putting a soft surface on which the foot can stand. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 7a

The eco-friendly materials of the Adidas Alphaboost Parley upper

Air mesh is the material that’s used for the upper unit of the Adidas Alphaboost Parley. Its job is to provide a secure yet breathable hug that keeps the foot as comfortable as possible. The fibers that make up the textile are derived from recycled plastic fished out of the ocean. This environmentally helpful approach is sure to please those who like products that use eco-friendly methods in their creation process.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 8

The Forgedmesh configuration that’s prominent in the Alphabounce series is used for this product. The upright structure of the mesh upper is bolstered by ribbed portions that act like the overlays that appear on most shoes. These rib-like designs connect to the lacing system, adapting to the tightening or loosening of the fit.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 9

Synthetic prints are used as eye stays, fundamentally buttressing the discreet lace-holes that accommodate the shoelaces. The asymmetrical placement of these lace-holes is meant to reduce pressure on the bridge of the foot, ensuring that the skin has space to relax and stretch. The flat laces are made of stretchy fabric and are long enough to allow for responsible adjustment and length management.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 10

This running shoe has a one-piece opening, which means that the interior chamber is not sectioned by a separate tongue unit. The outline-encompassing design evokes the feeling of being wrapped by a sock. The protruding heel and instep help to widen the portal of entry/exit when the shoe is worn or removed.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 11

A fabric pull-tab is stitched onto the back of the collar. This loop has the goal of further helping the runner when it comes to widening the shoe’s opening. It can also be used as a means of hanging the shoe when not in use.

Adidas Alphaboost Parley 12

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: 10.2oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Adidas Alphaboost
Forefoot height: 10mm
Heel height: 20mm

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