Profile of the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic

As an update to the built-for-speed Adidas Tempaia series which allowed players to float and fly on any court, Adidas launched another uber quick style in a minimalist, ultra-lightweight built — the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic. What sets this performance footwear apart from the other speed tennis trainers in the market is its responsive appeal and ground-level profile. The latter allows players to plant their feet firmly to the court and achieve lateral movements while staying stable. 

Its overall design is streamlined and not bulky, which gives wearers the agility to dart from the baseline to the tennis net and back like a speeding bullet. 


Material. The Adidas Ubersonic is made up with a heavy-duty Adiwear 6 rubber outsole that offers a secure grip in every direction. Its outsole has a tri-section herringbone tread pattern that gives out greater flexibility than earlier lightweight court shoes by Adidas. 

Tread design. The tread pattern has different degrees of thickness to provide exceptional traction, be it on soft or hard grounds. The medial side in the forefoot is thicker than the radial portion, while a reverse pattern is seen towards the rear side. The low-to-the-court design ensures that the wearer stays connected to the ground.


Support. This shoe has a dual-density Sprintframe that grants excellent heel support and inhibits pronation or the unwanted inward roll of the foot. This technology is vital in a speed shoe like this one as it keeps the heel locked in place while it encourages the user to be agile and confident when zooming around the court. 

Impact Protection. Cushioning isn’t the best asset of tennis shoes with a less significant heel drop like the Ubersonic 2. Even the forefoot has a minimal amount of cushioning as it is made of flexible, compressed EVA foam. Despite having a limited amount of padding, the midsole affords an equal distribution of energy needed for backward and sideways movements.


Comfort. The top part of the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic is structured with a lightweight mesh. This fabric is pliable enough that it contours to the form of the feet without the need for break-in time. It stays breathable even during long hours of court action, which makes this style even more suitable for summer or warmer climates. 

Added support. The enduring Adituff overlay that works as a lasting support system is placed on the toe and medial sections of the shoe to help shield this performance shoe from the abrasiveness of court surface and repeated foot-dragging movements.

Additional Info

  • The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic has a removable footbed that allows users to customize their comfort. 
  • Apart from tennis, Adidas has Adizero performance shoe lineups for running, basketball, wrestling, and football. These shoes are assembled using lightweight upper materials such as microfiber components and ultra-thin leather layering. Some of the samples are the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 7 running shoe and Adizero Crazy Light 3 basketball trainer.


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