Who should buy the Adidas Adizero TJ/PV

The Adidas Adizero TJ/PV is a track jumping shoe best suited for:

  • long jump, triple jump, and pole vault
  • entry-level and experienced athletes
  • track surfaces

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Delivers optimal grip and traction 

The Adidas Adizero TJ/PV is loaded with materials that supplement both stability and cushioning to power one’s performance.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV 7 removable spikes

This track spike is furnished with 7 removable pyramid spikes that measure ⅜ inch in length. These spike pins dig into the track surface in order to deliver optimal grip and traction. 

Adizero TJ/PV offers a propulsive performance

To provide a rigid and lightweight experience to the athlete, a Pebax plate is furnished to the construction of the Adizero TJ/PV. These elements mentioned above are especially crucial in providing a propulsive and boosted performance.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV pedax plate

Superior cushioning and stability

Adhering to the brand’s reputation of producing high-quality track and field shoes, the Adizero TJ/PV from Adidas features a combination of EVA midsole and Pro-moderator. Both of these components yield superior cushioning and stability, respectively.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV midsole

Another significant feature from the shoe is its in-shoe microsuede lining that ensures maximum comfort, as well as irritation-free experience. 

Lockdown fit and security

To intensify the grip of the Adizero TJ/PV, sharkskin runs full-length on its outsole. Sharkskin showcases a criss-cross pattern that acts as the shoe’s slip-resistant element.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV criss-cross pattern

Security and fit are of utmost importance in both training and competition. That is why the Adizero TJ/PV features a forefoot strap that gives it a lockdown fit. Moreover, the shoe’s synthetic upper provides a snug wrap around the foot. 

Supportive and seamless overlays

For the shoe’s support and added security, seamless overlays are embellished to the upper. The Adidas Adizero TJ/PV is available in unisex sizing, following men’s sizing measurement. 
It is recommended that women go 1.5 sizes down in order to secure an accurate fit and size.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV seamless overlays

Lightweight and durable

Sporting the same outsole construction with the Nike Zoom Rival S 9, this Adidas jumping spike is furnished with a Pebax spike plate.

This piece enables lightness, durability, and superb traction. Its rigid makeup also permits a propulsive ride. Although stiff, this plate still employs flexibility, allowing natural foot movements from the athlete. 

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV superb traction

Slippage-resistant design 

To further heighten the grip of the shoe, sharkskin is embellished to its outsole. It exhibits criss-cross patterns, acting as the slippage-resistant material of the shoe.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV slippage-resistant design

Located in the Adizero TJ/PV’s midsole is its lightweight EVA foam midsole. This detail is known for its durability and its rebound properties. Ample cushioning is also supplied by this component. 

Reduces overpronation 

Working closely with the EVA foam is the Pro-moderator. It utilizes a sturdy material that’s welded to the midsole of the shoe, reducing overpronation and providing stability, especially during heel-to-toe transitions.

Protecting the shoe from dirt and debris is its synthetic upper- the same upper material found in the Adidas Adizero LJ. This upper component enables a durable, lightweight, and secure wrap around the foot.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV synthetic upper

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV offers irritant-free experience

Furthering the lockdown and support of the Adizero TJ/PV, a forefoot lockdown strap is incorporated into the upper. It is made out of a Velcro strap, fastening the foot for a secure fit.

Adidas Adizero TJ/PV lockdown strap

To further enhance support and structural integrity, seamless overlays are embedded in the upper. To promote an irritant-free and comfortable in-shoe experience, a microsuede lining is furnished. It reduces hot spots on high-tension areas of the foot.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 221g
Closure: Lace-up, Hook and loop
Event: Jumping
Features: Removable Spikes
Collection: Adidas Adizero
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/8-inch

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

I race distances between 800 meters and 10K whether it be on the track, the roads, or on cross country courses. My typical training consists of easy days, long days, workouts (fartleks, tempos, interval training, etc.). My typical training paces range from 7’30 a mile on easy days to sub-5 minutes a mile on fast interval days, and with many paces in between. I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. My personal bests are 2:00 for 800m, 4:30 for 1600m, 9:50 for 3200m, 15:57 for 5K, and 34:10 for 10K.