Profile of the Adidas Adizero Shotput

Use - As its name suggests, the Adidas Adizero Shotput is perfect for throwing events. It is designed specifically for shotput throwers who utilize the glide technique.

Notable Features

Acting as a lightweight anchor to elite-level throwers, the Adizero Shotput is graced with one of Adidas’ prominent innovations- Adiwear™ outsole. It promotes unrivaled grip and traction while enhancing the shoe’s durability. 

For a lockdown fit during spins, a combination of synthetic and mesh upper supplies just the right amount of support. To increase security and comfort, a three-stripe strap band is furnished to the upper. It is also responsible for the shoe’s snug fit. 

Unlike the configuration of most track and field throwing shoes, the Adidas Adizero Shotput is not equipped with a midsole component. This is to complement and maintain the featherlight fashion of the shoe, boosting the performance of the athlete by not weighing him/her down. 

Size and fit

The Adidas Adizero Shotput is listed in standard sizing measurement for both male and female throwers. Thus, one can get a pair following his/her usual size preference. 

To provide a snug, secure fit to the Adizero Shotput, a synthetic and mesh coverage comprises the shoe’s outer coverage. For a customizable and supportive fit, the shoe features a dual closure system- strap band and lace-up fastening system. 


The Adiwear™ outsole of the Adizero Shotput is intended for quick pivots and drags. This component also enhances the ability of the shoe to withstand naturally abrasive elements, as well as natural wear and tear. 

Moreover, the Adiwear™ outsole is highly regarded for providing premium stopping ability, allowing a stable performance. It is also very grippy and yields optimal traction for a slippage-free competition.    


To adhere to the lightweight composition of the shoe, it has no additional cushioning technologies in the midsole. 


Breathability is as important as a secure-fitting upper. The very same principle is incorporated by Adidas when it designed the Adizero Shotput to have a synthetic and mesh upper. It is the same material that’s welded to the Nike Zoom Rival M 9 and Adidas Sprintstar

The synthetic and mesh upper of the shoe wraps around the foot comfortably while exerting an ample amount of tightness. The perforations are responsible for the shoe’s breathable fit. This form of construction permits support during the approach, foot plant, and circular range of motion. 

To heighten the support and lockdown of the Adizero Shotput, a three-stripe strap band runs across the midfoot. This midfoot strap is layered atop the lace-up closure of this track shoe. Its lacing system is responsible for its customizable fit. 

For in-shoe comfort, a microsuede lining is integrated into the design. It helps reduce irritations and hot spots, especially in high-tension areas of the foot.


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