Profile of the Adidas Adizero Prime SP

Use - The Adidas Adizero Prime SP is an ultra-light sprinting spike for athletes seeking maximum performance. It is intended for the 60m, 100m, 200m sprints, and the high hurdles events. The Adizero Finesse is another track shoe from Adidas that is also functional in sprints.

Spike Type - The shoe uses Nano-ceramic Compression Pins which are unique to Adidas track shoes only. It is 66% lighter than similar non-removable steel pins, and its placement is designed by the Adidas Innovation Team to yield the highest possible return of propulsion forces.

Spike Plate - The Adizero Prime SP features a state of the art Nano Plate for maximum energy return. The Nano Plate also maximizes the shoe’s energy return by reducing torque on the wearer’s foot. Its construction also allows the power to move seamlessly from the foot to the track.

Notable Features

The Adidas Adizero Prime SP uses the SPRINTWEB seamless upper. It is designed using a laminate composite to lock the foot down during event-specific motions of high-level acceleration while maintaining a barefoot feel. This leather-touch synthetic upper material is made to be ultra-lightweight and durable for optimal fit and comfort. 

This Adidas track shoe is also equipped with a SPRINT PLATE which is reinforced with nanotubes. It the thinnest sprint plate ever bringing the foot closer to the track for a more natural, stable footstrike. The SPRINT PLATE also optimizes forward momentum for faster runs.

The shoe has a laser-welded Spaceframe in the midfoot which provides maximum support. It reduces bending with the help of two separate pieces that are welded together to create a plate that is 27 times sturdier than the actual materials used to create it.

Size and fit

The Adidas Adizero Prime SP comes in men’s scale sizing. Women’s sizing is obtained by subtracting 1.5 from their usual shoe size. The Adizero Prime is a standard track running shoe length and has a medium to narrow forefoot. It is suggested that the best way to get the best fitting Adizero Prime SP is to have the track shoe tested out in athletic retail shops.


The Adizero Prime SP has a SPRINT PLATE outsole that is reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes which makes it the thinnest sprint plate available. With the use of the Nano Plate, it ensures the feet to remain as close to the track as possible for a more stable, more natural footstrike. It maximizes efficiency and improves the sprinter's performance.

Also equipped with the six non-removable nano ceramic compression pins, it helps in both conserving energy and minimizing the amount of braking forces that may occur when sprinting. It also allows the foot to fall closer to the track to increase and maintain ground contact. These nano ceramic compression pins are 66% lighter than similar steel pins which aid in conserving energy found in other conventional spike elements.

Lastly, the Adizero Prime SP features an S-Curve heel shape that delivers a structure to the shoe and optimizes power.


The midsole of the Adizero Prime SP uses a state of the art Nano Plate that is reinforced with nanotubes. This Nano Plate is the thinnest sprint plate available from Adidas. It aids in bringing the runner's foot closer to the track for a more natural feel and stable footstrike. The Nano Plate also helps in transferring the energy of the stride through the foot while reducing unnecessary movements. This maximizes energy return, making the wearer move faster and more swift seamlessly.

The shoe's midsole also incorporates the Spaceframe which is a laser welded support in the midfoot. It helps provide maximum support using geometry. It works by reducing the bending of the midfoot area through the two separate pieces welded together. It then creates a plate that is twenty-seven times sturdier than the actual materials used to develop it.


The Adidas SprintWeb is featured in the Adizero Prime SP’s upper. It is a seam-free synthetic fabric web material that offers lightweight support. The SprintWeb is designed to encourage a barefoot feel and helps lock the foot down during event-specific movements. It also allows full breathability to the foot.

The shoe’s upper uses a durable leather-touch material that adds durability to the upper by being abrasion-resistant. It protects the runner's foot against friction and irritation such as chafing. 


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