Who should buy the Adidas Adizero MD 2

The Adidas Adizero MD 2 is a renowned track spike in the market best suited for:

  • sprints and mid-distance running
  • 400 meters to 1500 meters races

Adidas Adizero MD 2 adidas

Profile of the Adidas Adizero MD 2

Use – The Adidas Adizero MD 2 is made especially for mid-distance running. Such track meet can range from 400 meters to 1500 meters. However, it can also be a great running spike for the sprint category. 

Spike Type – There are six Christmas tree spike pins affixed to the track shoe’s plate. This fashion is intended for lightweight, aggressive traction. 

Spike Plate – A common outsole component for most track spikes, a Pebax plate is equipped to the mid-distance running shoe. It supplies a sufficient amount of surface grip and durability.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 profile

Updates to the Adidas Adizero MD 2 

  • This iteration features 30% less weight than the preceding model. 
  • Compared to its predecessor, this version now sports Christmas tree spike pins. These spikes compress on the track surface, returning the energy to the runner for a propulsive ride.
  • For improved traction and lesser weight, a refined EVA heel is implemented.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 updates

Secure wrap around the foot

The Adidas Adizero MD 2 is fashioned in men’s standard sizing scale. For women, it is recommended that they go 1.5 sizes down for accurate size.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 sprintweb

There are three primary components responsible for the fit of the track shoe. One of these is the Sprintweb upper, permitting a secure wrap around the foot. 

Adizero MD 2 provides support and security

For an adjustable fit, a traditional lacing system is applied. Lastly, the EVA insole of the running platform adds to the support and security of the shoe.

Similar to most running spikes’ engineering, the Adidas Adizero MD 2 features a Pebax plate. It houses the removable Christmas tree pins of the shoe for versatile grip. It is also made out of thermoplastic elastomer, exhibiting high-strength qualities.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 pedax plate

Good balance of rigidity and lightness

What’s remarkable about this outsole material is that it displays a good balance of rigidity and lightness. These attributes allow for a robust ride on the tracks.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 outsole 

Such characteristics also solicit protection from highly abrasive track elements.

Delivers responsive cushioning

The midsole composition of the Adizero MD 2 consists of EVA. This allows optimal cushioning to the foot while delivering responsiveness.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 midsole

Added on top of the midsole is an EVA footbed, which furthers the comfort within the track spike. This material also has shock-mitigating properties for foot protection during impact. 

Offers maximum ventilation

Moreover, this technical element is made of highly durable materials, withstanding natural wear, and tear.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 air mesh

The upper of the Adidas Adizero MD 2 features a Sprintweb construction. It integrates the track spike’s air mesh upper for maximum ventilation. 

Adidas Adizero MD 2 is a lightweight track shoe

Further, this upper design is meant for lightness, preventing drag. The same upper style is featured in the Adidas Adizero Finesse.

Adidas Adizero MD 2 traditional lacing system

A traditional lacing system is implemented on the upper of the mid-distance running spike. This allows for a dialed-in, accurate fit.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 155g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Collection: Adidas Adizero
Spike Type: Christmas Tree
Surface: Rubber

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Zack Dunn

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