Use - As the name suggests, the Adizero HJ is explicitly fashioned for high jumping. It consists of highly supportive and grippy materials for a propulsive takeoff. 

Spike Type - The jumping shoe has eleven spike receptacles—seven in the forefoot and four in the heel. The type of spike pins best suited for the track shoe is the pyramid spike. These are ⅜ inch in length. 

Spike Plate - A Pebax® plate is outfitted to the outsole of the jumping spike. It is lightweight and rigid, allowing maximum traction. It also employs flexible properties, permitting a more natural flex.

Notable Features

There are several elements found in the composition of the Adidas Adizero HJ that make it an exceptional jumping spike. One of these is its 11-pin Pebax® spike plate that is tasked with supplementing lightweight grip. 

A sharkskin outsole is also incorporated into the engineering of the high jump shoe. It enhances the slip resistance of the platform for a stable performance. The same outsole element is found in the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2

For added support and lockdown, a midfoot strap is welded to the upper, keeping the foot in place.

Size and fit

The Adidas Adizero HJ runs in men’s sizing scale. Women can secure a precise fit by subtracting 1.5 from their usual size preference. 

The synthetic upper of the Adizero HJ gives foot-conforming properties. This poses for a snug wrap around the food. For lockdown and support, the track shoe sports a dual fastening system. It has a traditional lacing closure for an adjustable fit. Affixed to the upper is a midfoot strap that pushes the foot into the midsole, securing it in place.


The outsole of the Adidas Adizero HJ is composed of two materials—the Pebax® plate and the sharkskin outsole that runs the full length. 

The spike plate is supplemented with 11 spike wells that are found in the heel and forefoot of the shoe. These are intended to deliver superior and versatile traction. The plate, on its own, is composed of sturdy materials, promoting abrasion resistance. 

Another feature that’s worth noting from the plate is the traction it offers. With its balance of stiffness and lightness, a powerful takeoff can be expected. 

On the other hand, the sharkskin outsole of the shoe is responsible for the slip-resisting qualities of the jumping spike. It comes in a crisscross pattern that covers the entire outsole of the shoe.


Situated in the midsole of the Adizero HJ is a molded EVA foam. This component is known for being durable, withstanding wear and tear. 

It provides in-shoe cushioning with its plushness. It also has shock-mitigating characteristics that protect the foot from any injury.


Acting as the outer coverage of the Adidas Adizero HJ is the synthetic upper. It follows the natural patterns of the foot for conformity and unrestricted movements. 

For a dialed-in fit, a traditional lacing closure is implemented on the upper. It is paired with the midfoot strap of the high jump spike. This strap is made out of a Velcro strap, allowing convenient fastening. It also gives additional reinforcement and support.


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