Profile of the Adidas Adizero Club 2

Crafted for speed, the second version of the Adidas Adizero Club offers excellent control and contact on any court surface. Unlike the first generation Adizero Club, this revamped cut is more securely padded on the tongue and collar. Though Adidas replaced cleatie sleeve feature of the prior model with a mesh cover, this shoe remains adequately ventilated and moisture-wicking. Its Adiprene midsole does the job of keeping the foot protected from impact, while the Adiwear outsole provides the needed foothold during lateral cuts, stops, and turns.


Tennis athletes benefit a lot from having durable outsoles as these help them last longer on the court. The trademark Adiwear all-court outsole placed at the base of this shoe is a rubber composite that doesn’t wear out quickly. Its grippy structure allows wearers to ace their games on multiple court surfaces.


The Adidas Adizero Club 2 is sculpted with a Sprintframe feature at the back of the foot. This tech keeps wearers in their most advantageous position, especially during sudden directional changes. Its geometrical and light construction curves around the ankle, granting stability throughout the movement.

Unlike the previous lightweight iteration that integrated a cushioning component on the heel, the second iteration of the Adizero Club 2 consists of a full-length Adiprene property. This soft EVA foam absorbs shock and lessens the impact to the joints.


The outer membrane of the Adizero Club 2 is made of an air mesh and Climacool wrapping that keep the feet ventilated throughout a series of games. Since the forefoot is prone to surface contact during toe drags, serves, and volleys, the added layer of synthetics at the front help shield the foot from different abrasive court layouts.

Additional Info

  • The Adizero Club 2.0 comes with an interchangeable insole, providing space for orthotics.


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