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Use - The Adidas Adizero Cadence 2 is a running spike that can perform in a multitude of track events. With its componentry, powerful performance is executed in distance races ranging from middle-range to long-range matches. It can also function in steeplechases. 

Spike Type - To maximize the energy return, Christmas tree spikes are utilized by the track shoe. These pins compress on the track surface and return the energy to the runner. 

Spike Plate - Intended to intensify traction and durability, a six-pin Pebax® plate is deployed. It has shock-mitigating properties and provides ample stability for robust performance.

To boost breathability and lightness, an air mesh upper is introduced into the running shoe’s design. It also addresses the security provided by the track shoe

A full-length EVA midsole also graces the platform. It is responsible for the responsiveness and cushioning supplemented by the distance shoe. 

Lastly, Adidas' Torsion® system supplies sufficient arch support. It permits efficient transitions.

The Adidas Adizero Cadence 2 only runs in men’s sizing measurement. It is designed in standard width, thus women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference. 

The air mesh upper of the Adizero Cadence 2 enables the platform to envelop the foot comfortably. To increase fit and security, even more, a classic lacing system is applied. It allows for a dialed-in fit.

Similar to the Nike Zoom Rival S 9, the Adizero Cadence 2 is equipped with a Pebax® plate. It has a six-pin configuration for versatile and aggressive surface traction. 

The plate is made out of thermoplastic elastomer, exhibiting low density. Such a featherlight profile prevents drag from occurring. Moreover, this distance plate is engineered specifically for durability and grip. 

To complement the Pebax® plate, flex grooves are fashioned into the outsole. These allow for flexible, lightweight traction. These eliminate unnecessary weight, cohering to the track spike’s general construction.

The midsole unit of the Adidas Adizero Cadence 2 is composed of EVA. This material is known for exhibiting high-strength qualities while keeping minimal weight. Such enables protection from natural wear and tear. It is also tasked with delivering optimal cushioning and responsiveness for a springy ride. 

An extended Torsion® system provides an excellent forefoot energy return and natural midfoot torsion. This allows for improved surface adaptability and stability.

The style principle of the Adizero Cadence 2’s upper is to pronounce comfort. There are two components that are behind the running spike’s unparalleled comfort—CoolEver lining and air mesh. 

CoolEver lining uses a clover-like yarn that manages sweat control. One of its attributes includes non-slippage for superb comfort and performance. 

Meanwhile, the air mesh optimizes breathability with its perforations. It has flexible properties that allow unrestricted foot movements. This is an integral aspect of a long-distance running shoe as it allows the runner to last in the competition, preventing the onset of blisters. More importantly, this technical element maintains minimal weight, adhering to the lightness of the shoe. 

For security and lockdown, a traditional lace-up closure is implemented on the upper. This pushes the foot into the midsole, impeding unwanted shoe removal.