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Use - The Adidas Adizero Avanti 2 is a running spike that’s engineered for distance races. These range from mid-distance to long-distance meets, covering  800 meters all the way up to 10000 meters. It is also ideal for steeplechases. 

Spike Type - Christmas tree pins are assigned to the track shoe. These are ¼ inch in length and are responsible for providing maximum energy return. These compress on the track surface, boosting every stride of the athlete. 

Spike Plate - Similar to the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3, a Pebax® plate is supplemented to the outsole of this track spike. It keeps a rigid yet lightweight makeup to deliver a propulsive ride to the athlete.

The design principle of the Adizero Avanti 2 is centered on unparalleled comfort and grip. That is why this second iteration features components that adhere to such promise. 

One of the enhancements executed on the running spike is the incorporation of a perforated insole. Aside from trimming down excess weight, this midsole material allows for a more breathable experience. 

To prevent slippage and power the performance of the contender, a sharkskin outsole is furnished to the track running shoe.

The Adidas Adizero Avanti 2 is only available in men’s sizing scheme. It is designed using the standard width, thus women are advised to deduct from their usual size preference. This is to secure a precise fit and size. 

The components responsible for providing a secure fit to the distance spike are the air mesh upper and classic lace-up closure. The air mesh adapts to the shape of the foot, promoting lockdown. On the other hand, the lacing system provides a dialed-in fit.

As mentioned, the Adizero Avanti 2 is equipped with a six-pin Pebax® plate. It is made of thermoplastic polymer that exhibits high-strength properties for pronounced durability. This plate allows the track spike to withstand natural wear and tear, as well as, abrasive track elements. Because of its composition, the distance plate aids in attenuating shock with each foot strike. It also cushions the foot for comfort. 

Flex grooves are also implemented just below the toes in order to amplify flexibility. Having enough room for foot movements is integral, especially when running distance meets. 

To further slip resistance, sharkskin outsole is also introduced into the shoe’s outsole configuration.

The midsole compartment of the Adidas Adizero Avanti 2 is comprised of molded EVA. This promotes the right amount of rebounding qualities to the track spike. Embedded within the foot chamber, is a perforated footbed that heightens in-shoe cushioning for maximized comfort. It also serves shock attenuation, protecting the foot from trauma.

The construction of the upper of the Adizero Avanti 2 integrates Adidas’ Sprintweb seamless upper construction. This aids in heightening comfort as it incorporates air mesh for optimal breathability. It conforms to the natural shape and contours of the foot for increased security. 

A traditional lace-up fastening system is implemented on the upper. This allows the wearer to have a customizable fit.


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