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As a quick intro, I’d run through a couple of reasons as to why I, a keen but amateur runner, would venture down the serious road of running spikes! I’ve been on a journey to try and adjust my running style to a more forefoot strike.



One of my club sessions is held on an athletics track. So, it seemed like a good idea to try a couple of sessions in spikes to get the most out of the track but also have a pair of shoes, which complement a mid/forefoot style.

Also, there are a couple of track-based events through the year I’d thought might be fun, and so a pair of spikes would be a good purchase. I also reasoned that with some longer spikes, I could use them for cross-country races.

Size, comfort and fit

Unfortunately, this review starts on a slight negative in terms of sizing and variation within the same brand. I bought a UK 11 because I have a pair of Adizero Adios and am very fond of them.

Given the Adios and Avanti are both parts of the same Adidas Adizero performance range, I assumed the Avanti spikes would follow the same sizing. The Avanti spikes fit my feet width-wise.

However, they are on the long side—more like a traditional 11. So, I have to wear a thicker sock and tie them up tighter than is ideal when I run in them.

Moving on from sizing advice, once you get into them, they are a comfortable pair of running shoes. I bought this pair mainly because of the Boost foam.

The Boost foam runs along the midsole to the heel as some compromise between a track shoe while retaining some comfort. This cushioning make them a versatile shoe for multiple distances.

It has a rigid plate in the forefoot and some cushioning if you do move slightly further back in your footstrike through a race.

I also used this pair in some training sessions, mile races, a track 5k, and a cross-country race. And, they have been comfortable and supportive throughout all those occasions.


To make the shoe light, the upper is made of air mesh and is very thin. This is excellent for ventilation and lightness. It doesn't add any form of support, which most racing flats provide in some form.



The Boost midsole is a big selling point for me. It keeps some familiarity with the road shoes I am fond of and does an excellent job of providing some cushioning. I felt perfectly comfortable in these over 5K on the track.


A pebax plate provides the rigid housing for the four spikes and gives the shoe rigidity. As one would expect, flexibility is limited as a result, but the responsiveness is instant and direct.

It does help you feel how your foot and the shoe work together through the stride. Traction is excellent, and spikes are removable.

Hence, you could, for example, put in 12mm longer ones for a cross country race—as I did—or stick with the 6mm standard spikes for excellent traction on the track.

I do agree with other reviewers who call for the 5th spike in the footplate—it is hard to see why that hasn’t been incorporated because it would make a positive difference.


These are light shoes. As track spikes go, they are not the lightest because of the cushioning, but their overall weight is conducive to fast running.



The rigidity of the sole really feels like it helps with propulsion forwards. Once I got used to the shoes, I felt I was working with the superb traction from the sole. Also, the light upper sole meant I’ve had no issues with overheating.



I am an amateur runner, and I know that in an ideal world, we would all be up on our toes running as efficiently as possible. However, I am on a learning curve, and these spikes are excellent for me.

They provide the lightweight speed of a racing shoe and also some cushioning for longer distances.

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My name is James, and I’ve been running seriously for the last seven years. I run about 20-25 miles a week, 60-80% on road/track and the rest on trails. I’ve recently joined the cross country team for my club coming 52nd in a field of over 200. I’ve run one marathon - London in 2016 in 3.06.

Profile of the Adidas Adizero Avanti

Use - The Adizero Avanti is designed for running events up to 10,000 meters. It provides endless energy return no matter what the distance. This track shoe is recommended for Middle Distance and Long Distance events such as the 800m, 1,500m, 1 mile, 3000m, steeple, 5K, and 10K. 

Spike Type - The shoe’s strategic placement of the four-pin Pyramid spikes in the forefoot delivers incredible traction. It also helps in reducing the weight of this shoe’s already featherweight outsole.

Spike Plate - The Adizero Avanti uses the reliable Pebax spike plate on its outsole. It delivers lightweight, durable traction, making this shoe ideal for stamina and speed. The Pebax plate is popular among various track shoes, including the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite.

Notable Features

The most striking feature in the Adizero Avanti is the innovative Adidas Boost. It is a lightweight midsole composed of TPU pellets. This remarkable shoe technology is known to deliver a soft and responsive ride.

The shoe’s upper incorporates the Air Mesh material. It is a breathable upper material that provides a soft glove-like fit and efficient moisture-wicking properties. It also helps regulate the shoe’s temperature making sure the wearer is comfortable no matter what their running speed.

Microsuede lining is also added to the Adizero Avanti. This provides increased comfort to help reduce irritations and hot spots on high-tension areas of the foot.

Size and fit

The Adidas Adizero Avanti is a unisex-style track shoe that is available in men’s sizing.  Toe-box width is narrow to help secure the feet in place, while the low arch height keeps the shoe fit more snuggly. This shoe is designed to fit athletes with low foot volumes. Despite the number of fit and sizing reviews online, the most reliable way to get the best fitting pair of track shoes is still to visit the nearest track running specialty store to get fitted by professionals.


The Adizero Avanti features a  full-length Pebax plate on the outsole which provides a rigid and sturdy platform throughout the mid and forefoot of the shoe. This supports athletes up on their toes and at the same time facilitating efficient power transfer at pace.

This Adidas track shoe also has tactically placed flex grooves in the forefoot. The Pebax spike plate is tapered through the midfoot into the heel. This ensures a comfortable and uniform flex, reducing foot fatigue and strain in those longer races while reducing overall weight.

The strategic four-pin spike placement in the forefoot provides efficient grip and traction on the track surface.


The obvious and, arguably, the most significant feature in the Adizero Avanti is the inclusion of Adidas’ revolutionary Boost technology throughout the midsole. Constructed from compressed TPU capsules, it provides a 10% greater energy return than standard EVA. The soft, plush but ultra-responsive feel of Boost, is a welcome inclusion in their performance track & field footwear.


The Adizero Avanti’s upper is made from featherweight soft-touch synthetic microfiber SprintWeb mesh. It has open weave areas to promote ventilation and tighter weave in areas where support and structure are required, predominantly over the midfoot and heel.

The Coolever lining inside the Adizero Avanti utilizes a clover-shaped yarn to give optimum comfort. When combined with the perforated insole, it allows maximum breathability and water drainage. This is suitable for athletes competing in the steeplechase.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 142g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Collection: Adidas Adizero
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/16-inch

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