We spent 10.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what trackers think:

6 reasons to buy

  • Majority of users like the Adidas Adizero Ambition 4 for being so lightweight.
  • The shoe’s breathability is being praised by a lot of wearers.
  • Most users compliment Adizero Ambition 4 for its secure fit.
  • At a median price, a lot of users say that this track shoe is definitely worth the investment
  • Some wearers commend the lugs on the shoe’s outsole for providing an excellent grip.
  • A few of the reviews talk about how durable the Adizero Ambition 4 is.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of wearers advice that the Adizero Ambition 4 should be properly broken in before using it for a big race.
  • Few reviewers dislike the flexibility of the track shoe, which they find as insignificant for its function.

Bottom line

The Adidas Adizero Ambition 4 is an ultra-lightweight track running shoe that is effective and durable for middle-distance track events. It is also reliable for training and competition. It offers performance packed with speed, power, and confidence. Negative reviews about the Adizero Ambition 4 are very little to none that is why this Adidas track shoe is not only effective but durable and reliable for competition and training.

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Use - The Adidas Adizero Ambition 4 is best for middle-distance events like the 800m, 1500m, 3200m, and one-and two-mile events.

Spike Type - This track running shoe uses the 3/16 Pyramid spikes. It provides the shoe with the needed grip and traction while running. 

Spike Plate - The Pebax spike plate is incorporated in the Adizero Ambition 4. It provides stability with minimal bulk and custom traction for multiple events like the middle distance track racing.

  • The Adizero Ambition 4 has been updated with the molded EVA from heel to toe. This material is lightweight and offers resilient cushioning.
  • The shoe’s Pebax Spike Plate in the forefoot is also lightweight yet offers durable traction for optimal performance. The spike plate contains four spike receptacles per shoe.
  • The Sprintweb technology is also featured in this Adizero Ambition 4 update. It is a seamfree fabric web on the upper which adds to the shoe’s upper support.
  • Also working with the Sprintweb technology is the Two-Toned Mesh. This material is extremely lightweight, with an asymmetrical design that helps cut down the shoe’s weight.
  • Another Adidas running shoe technology found in this update is the Microfit. It is an Adizero-specific fit that is designed for smooth, locked-down security.
  • The Adizero Ambition 4 also uses Sharkskin, which is set in a small, sharp, crisscross pattern over the outsole that helps provide the ultimate grip on track and field surfaces.
  • Lastly, the Slip Last, which involves wrapping and stitching the upper in a cleatie-like shape which is glued to the midsole to increase the shoe’s flexibility and also to help decrease weight.

The Adizero Ambition 4 is available in men’s and women’s versions. It has been designed to make sure the toes do not feel cramped up against the front of the shoe. This track running shoe is meant to be a little snugger compared to that of a running or training shoe. 

The Adidas Adizero Ambition 4 has an outsole that is made using a Pebax Plate with a four spike footfall. This allows the wearer to dig into the ground with more grip. It also helps in launching the athlete forward from the very start. The Pebax Plate provides maximum energy return while remaining extremely lightweight and durable. The Adizero Ambition 4 comes with replaceable spike pins, which helps extend this track shoe’s racing life. It is also a must for middle distance sprinting events. There are many other track shoes that use a Pebax plate, such as the Nike Zoom Rival S 9.

The Adizero Ambition 4 features a full-length EVA midsole. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a man-made material that is considered foam. The EVA midsole has a low density, and it is incredibly lightweight. It is ideal for track shoes like the Adizero Ambition 4 since it is made of thousands of tiny bubbles joined together that hold air. Once these small bubbles are compressed, they provide cushioning and shock absorption.

The shoe’s EVA midsole also helps in providing stability for the wearer’s foot. And in that sense, the midsole has to be made of a material that will endure challenges on the track, a person’s weight, and possible pressures that happen during the competition.

The Adizero Ambition 4’s upper consists of the Adidas SprintWeb mesh material. It is a dual-layer mesh that provides breathability. This upper material is also extremely lightweight in order to promote elite performance. Despite the stripped bulk of the SprintWeb, it also offers a similar level of durability that one would find in traditional materials.

The SprintWeb technology is also combined with the Microfit technology, a technique developed to create the best support, comfort, and fit for high-speed road racing. This combination helps lock the foot down for that supportive fit that is crucial to track and field running.