Profile of the Adidas Adizero Ambition 3

Use - Packed with reliable components, the Adizero Ambition 3 is engineered mainly for mid-distance races. It can perform in running meets ranging from 800 meters to 3200 meters. 

Spike Type - For excellent traction on the track surface, needle pins are attached to the spike plate. These are 3/16 inch in length for maximized grip. 

Spike Plate - Similar to the configuration of most track spikes, a Pebax® plate is introduced into the running shoe’s design. The makeup of the distance plate allows for a responsive and robust running performance.

Updates to Adidas Adizero Ambition 3

Equipped with an upgraded componentry, the Adizero Ambition 3 promises to deliver uncompromised grip and reduced weight. 

One of the refinements made to the running spike is the addition of a new air mesh upper. Aside from keeping a featherlight profile, it also poses for breathability and security. 

Since speed is powered by the grip, a sharkskin outsole is incorporated into the construction. This heightens the traction of the mid-distance spike, delivering robust performance.

Size and fit

The Adidas Adizero Ambition 3 is listed in the standard sizing scheme for both men and women. Thus, athletes can purchase a pair using their usual size preference. 

For a secure wrap around the foot, an air mesh upper is introduced to the shoe’s overall fashion. For a supportive fit, a full-length EVA midsole is supplemented. Lastly, the shoe’s lacing system solicits an adjustable lockdown.


For a grippy ride on the tracks, a rigid Pebax® plate is implemented on the outsole of the Adizero Ambition 3. The same distance plate is affixed to the Nike Zoom Rival S 9

The plate is made out of high-strength thermoplastic elastomer with low density. Although stiff, the plate still cushions the runner’s underfoot, allowing a comfortable and responsive performance. It enables flexible properties, permitting unrestricted movements. Lastly, it maintains a high impact resistance. 

To provide for multi-surface traction, sharkskin outsole is furnished. It is also responsible for distributing impact evenly across the foot to prevent trauma.


A full-length EVA midsole is fused within the platform. This component enables a plush cushioning to the foot for maximum comfort. This also exhibits both strength and shock-mitigating properties for protection during foot strike.


The upper construction of the Adidas Adizero Ambition 3 integrates reliable technical elements— Sprintweb upper engineering, air mesh, and a traditional lacing system. 

The Sprintweb configuration allows for seamless in-shoe comfort. This technology integrates the air mesh upper of the running shoe, providing an irritation-free running experience. The air mesh also delivers a breathable platform. This promotes a healthy foot environment, eliminating odor and bacteria build-up. 

For a dialed-in fit, a classic lace-up closure is executed. It also adheres to the ultra-light style of the track shoe.


The current trend of Adidas Adizero Ambition 3.
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