Adidas Adizero 11.0: Built for speed

Gaining and maintaining the right momentum are important if you are to get past your opponents and deny them the chance to catch up. Through the Adizero 11.0, Adidas helps football players run faster and with more confidence.

It is equipped with Sprintframe, which makes the outsole springy. Furthermore, the sole plate is configured with strategically placed Sprintstuds, which allow you to cut and evade defenders.

Adizero 11.0: Other notable features

A shoe's ability for speed is always a synergy of all its features, some just contribute more than others. Besides the more obvious speed features, this shoe is also equipped with techs that offer other benefits such as the following:

Support. In addition to a noticeably snug fit, the shoe also has a reinforced external heel to prevent slippage and deliver a more secure lockdown.

Comfort. The upper is made of textile, and it's soft and fairly breathable. There is another layer of textile lining for more comfort. 


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