Who should buy the Adidas Adizero 11.0

This Adidas football cleat is a great match for you if:

  • You want a light football shoe to zoom past all the defenders on the field
  • You are after a soccer cleat with great support to protect your feet from injuries

Who should not buy the Adidas Adizero 11.0

This Adidas football boot is not recommended for players who have wide feet, due to the shoe's narrow construction. If you are looking for a shoe that accommodates wide feet and is durable, check out Adizero 5-star 7.0. You may also opt for Adidas Freak Ultra Primeknit for a really durable pair.

Adidas Adizero 11.0: Built for speed

Gaining and maintaining the right momentum is important if you are to get past your opponents and deny them the chance to catch up, and football players mentioned that the Adizero 11.0 allowed them to run faster and with more confidence.

A shoe's ability for speed is always a synergy of all its features, some just contribute more than others. Besides the more obvious speed features, this shoe is also equipped with techs that offer other benefits.

Run past through defenders smoothly

Many appreciate the springy outsole of this pair which reduces energy lost, thanks to its Sprintframe feature. Furthermore, players mentioned that they are able to cut and evade defenders smoothly with this show. It makes sense given that the soleplate is strategically placed in this shoe.

Excellent lockdown to avoid accidents

In addition to a noticeably snug fit, football players also appreciate how this shoe prevents slippage and delivers a more secure lockdown, thanks to its reinforced external heel.

Comfort that your feet deserve

The upper is made of textile, and many said it's soft and fairly breathable. There is another layer of textile lining for more comfort. Compared to other Adidas Adizero models, players notice that this pair has much more padding on the heel to protect their ankle from injuries.

Some also appreciate the comfort they feel at the top of their foot when lacing the shoe, which is because of the pair's newly added soft mesh tongue. In addition, the insole also gained a lot of praise from footballers due to its thick but soft feature and is removable to reduce the amount of stress on your foot.

A perfect combination of traction and grip

According to football players, they didn't have to worry about slipping because the Adizero 11.0 has amazing traction on both natural and artificial grass. They appreciate the pair's grip too which allows them to change direction smoothly.

Insanely light on your feet

Several football athletes share that this Adidas shoe feels light and is perfect for running. Although compared to its previous models, the Adidas Adizero is quite heavier, that's because of the added support to protect your feet.

Great support but not as durable as you think

Many players find this pair's lightweight support due to its flexible upper and reinforced heel helpful on the field. Several also mentioned that they are able to cut quickly and blow defenders because of the shoe's outsole.

However, several expressed their frustration about this pair's durability, commenting that it showed wear and tear just after a few games.

Not good for wide feet

Despite its excellent features, many commented that this pair has a narrow structure, which makes it a bad choice for players who have wide feet. Some also mentioned that this shoe feels stiff at first but is extremely comfortable once broken in.

Facts / Specs

Update: Adidas Adizero 12.0
Collection: Adidas Adizero
Top: Low
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Textile/Mesh
Stud type: Molded
BRAND Brand: Adidas

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