Who should buy the Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0

Ensuring a smooth round comes possible for women because of the Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that offers at an affordable pair and performs well on different kinds of courses. 
  • Need a shoe that is suitable for summer wear. 
  • Are an existing owners of the Adidas Adipure Sport and craving for an upgrade.

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Logo

Grippy yet green-friendly

The spikeless construction may be a revelation to many. Still, the tech developments of the Three Stripes put an end to these concerns. The bottom of the Adipure Sport 2.0 sports a tennis-borrowed outsole, Adiwear. It is abrasion-resistant to ensure that it would endure different swing techniques. The Traxion lugs work in tandem and grips the ground because of its heavily-patterned design. 

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Outsole

Slow-resilient FitFoam sockliner

The interior of this Adipure Sport version sports a slow-resilient FitFoam sockliner. The plush cushioning system adds comfort and cushioning to places where it is needed most. 

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Midsole

Breathable and durable

A lightweight textile material serves as the covering of this shoe. To kick it up a notch, it is PU-coated, which doesn’t sacrifice breathability but makes it more durable. Unlike typical leather, it wicks out moisture faster, making it ideal footwear during summer. 

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Upper

The way this Adidas golf shoe is constructed is that it has a slightly rounded toe and wide forefoot. This kind of shape presents additional room to accommodate the unnatural movement of the foot during a swing. The tongue and collar are also padded, which betters the fit of the shoe and adds overall comfort.

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Style

While the 2.0 bears similar qualities as opposed to its previous version, it gets fashioned in a modernized and minimalist look. The dotted embellishment all over the upper gets traded with small lines, giving it a different kind of texture and a more muted aura. Despite the decorated upper, it remains versatile for on-the-course and off-the-course wear. 

Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0 Style

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 210g
Base model: Adidas Adipure
Outsole: Spikeless
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Collection: Adidas Adiwear
Style: Athletic

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Cesar Monasterio
Cesar Monasterio

Cesar Monasterio is considered one of the best Argentine golfers of his generation. He is one of only 13 players to have victories on all three European golf circuits: European Tour, Challenge Tour, and Legends Tour. In 2014 he won the English Senior Open and was voted Rookie of the Year on the Legends Tour. Mr Monasterio represented his country in the 1995 World Cup. Still active and competing with a strong focus, he is the president of the Argentine Professional Golf Tour and the coach of several prestigious golfers. Finally, he is a specialist golf "Blacksmith" repairing golf clubs precisely at the workshop set in his house for this fine purpose.