Profile of the Adidas Adipure DC

Who is it for? The Adidas Adipure DC is meant to celebrate femininity. The construction, features, and style of the shoe are targeted for women's needs. 

What is it good for? The microfiber and Climastorm upper makes this shoe ideal for different types of weather and season.

Walkers can also lean on this pair because of its Cloudfoam midsole.


Maximum ground grip. Six Thintech spikes are stationed at the bottom of the Adidas Adipure DC. It gives relentless traction to hold the ground firmly sans the slip. Cradling these spikes is the Adiwear outsole, a technology used on many tennis footwear. It keeps the bottom abrasion-resistant. 


Light as air. The cloud-like feel instantly felt by golfers on the first step can be attributed to the Cloudfoam cushioning system that rules the middle of the shoe. It is composed of a visco-elastic foam that molds to the shape of the foot, giving it a custom and unparalleled fit and enhanced comfort throughout the shoe's lifespan. 

It is supplemented with a slowly resilient FitFoam Pillow sockliner to add another layer of cushion. 


Synthetic upper. The microfiber leather that coats this golf shoe adds to the sleek look that this shoe exudes. Compared to the typical leather upper, microfiber gives a different set of advantages. It is a more eco-friendly and durable alternative. 

Water-repellent protection. The Climastorm makes this shoe water-repellent and gives protection against the initial moisture that the outdoor sport brings. Even so, it remains to retain the shoe's breathability component that it is suitable for summer wear. 

Fit. The rounded toe, lower ceiling height, and wider forefoot best describe the new AdiPure last that this shoe sports. Not only is it created to accommodate the shape of women's feet, but it enhances comfort while benefiting the overall aesthetics. 

Adidas Adipure DC Style

While the overall aura of the shoe is kept simple and sleek, the Adidas Adipure DC does not fail to highlight its craftsmanship. The smooth and monochromatic upper gets decorated with Three Stripe metal rivets putting a nice twist to the usual. It doesn't lean much on the feminine or masculine style, making it extremely versatile. 


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