Size and fit

This standard skate shoe is available in men’s sizes. As the shoe is also designed as skate-worthy, it has decent support and stability. For a quick errand outside or a night out, the Adiease sneaker by Adidas is just terrific.

Adidas Adiease Style

More than a skate shoe, the Adidas Adiease is a go-to everyday shoe as its classic silhouette matches any set of casual street get-up and office clothing. It looks great with business trousers, khakis, cargo pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts. The sneaker looks great with low socks or with barefoot when matched with these casual bottoms.

Notable Features

This classic-looking skate shoe is highly recognizable for its seamless, singular piece upper made of lightweight canvas. Built to perform on the streets with a reliable skateboard, its organic covering is superbly breathable and provides a good flow of air around the foot.  

The material is sturdy enough as opposed to other variations available in the market. The Adiease’s upper is designed to last impact for a long period and prevents damages during flipping, grinding, and ollieing. It expands well and conforms to the shape of the foot.

Adidas Adiease History

Skateboarding has been around since the early 1940s, but it was only three decades later that this street sport has gained popularity with the rise of the skateboarding culture in the US, particularly in the populated region of the West Coast.

Gradually, this highly addictive kind of street sport created legions of followers that were seen gliding, flipping, kicking, and ollieing. Throngs of riders were seen speeding up on their reliable decks with wheels on the streets, alleys, parking lots, stairs and handrails, ramps, huge concrete inclined structures, pavements, among many others.

From Los Angeles, where it started as a fad, skateboarding became widely accepted around the globe. Soon enough, progressive street skating developed years later with iconic skaters pioneering new tricks and flips. Among those street legends were California-born Mark Gonzales, who was known for his Gonz Gap, a breathtaking wall-to-platform trick that he propagated, and Munich-raised Dennis Busenitz who was recognized for his unstoppable speed atop his longboard.

These pro skaters teamed up to be part of the Adidas Skateboarding group in the early 2000s. Under Adidas Skateboarding, which is an offshoot of the Adidas Originals, skateboarders are provided with a rich line of skate shoes from standard to better-performing ones. All designs were meant to give them the freedom to glide on their boards whether for training, sports, or pastime.

The most recognizable low tops in the Adidas archives, originally created for indoor soccer with great traction were repurposed, recreated, and landed on the skateboard to confront the challenges of street skating. Among the distinguishable features of the original models which include leather heel lining, padded insoles, and hard-wearing toe guard were incorporated in the creation of a new street icon, the men's Adidas Adiease.

Additional Info

  • A one-piece breathable and lightweight canvas covers the entire foot while a faux leather wraps the heel region to resist immediate wear and synthetic leather makes up for the branding.
  • It has thin, removable insoles.
  • A light, flexible closed cell EVA foam cushioning was incorporated in the design structure to absorb shock in the sole area and prevent the foot from getting blisters.


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